Cagliari, Church of Scientology continues interreligious dialogue

Last Tuesday a conference entitled “Life between lives” was held with the participation of the Hare Krishna monk, Sripada Bhaktivedanta Mahavir Maharaja.

CAGLIARI. On the evening of Tuesday 27 September, in the chapel of the Church of Scientology in Cagliari, a conference entitled “Life between lives” was held in the context of the activities of the civic group Interazione. The meeting, welcomed with open arms by the Church of Scientology in the name of friendship with the faithful of other religions, was particularly focused on the vision of the cycle of life according to the wisdom of the Vedas.

It was an opportunity to highlight the numerous points of convergence between the two religions, Scientology and Hare Krishna, especially on the importance of the spiritual and religious aspect in the change of man, in the first place of society and in the search for values. which lead to respect for the rights of all and, as the ultimate goal, to peace. A concept, this, totally shared also in the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion, who on many occasions expresses the need to create a peaceful environment based on mutual tolerance and respect.

Monk Hare Krishna

Particularly interesting is the concept explained very clearly by the monk of the Hare Krishna, Sripada Bhaktivedanta Mahavir Maharaja (spiritual name of the monk), according to which what we have accomplished in the past life will be baggage in the next. “The soul is eternal and does not die with the body, but it will have a new one to live a new life”. This is where Karma comes in, so if you have done well, the conditions in the new life will be better, if you have done wrong they will get worse.

In this context he explained the 5 levels of awareness that living beings go through during the cycle of lives up to the transcendental union with God and, therefore, to the conclusion of the cycle of life and death, which is what anyone should aspire to. live your life in search of spirituality.

Concepts, those expressed by the monk, with which even Scientologists are somewhat familiar: the individual is an immortal spiritual being and through a path of knowledge can increase awareness about life. The answer to the deepest questions of existence clearly requires introspective work, a real adventure in search of oneself even to the understanding of God.

At the end of the very interesting conference, there was space for some questions from the audience to which the monk replied by completing what was said previously. The occasion has once again shown that enrichment can be found in diversity, even more so in an event like this in which points of affinity have also been found. “Undoubtedly, the message of living the spirituality regardless of the path taken, turns out to be a great sign of friendship and this is what our society needs”, emphasize the Scientologists.

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