Build your tour of the immersive exhibition Transverberations in CDMX

If you have not yet visited the immersive Transverberations exhibition, take advantage of the following weekend to get to know its facilities.

If you haven’t visited the immersive exhibition yet transverberationstake advantage of the following end to know its facilities.

Are you looking for a cultural plan for this weekend? You are still in time to visit the immersive exhibition transverberations! Installed in Ex Teresa Arte Actual, this exhibition brings together visual, sensory and sound proposals by the Mexican artist Ximena Labra.

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So that you do not miss out on visiting this expo, here we tell you all the details that you should know.

What is the immersive exhibition Transverberations about?

With 10 works and interventions created expresslythis cultural tour proposes a new sensorial and contemporary interpretation of the spiritual experiences described by the mystic and poet of the 16th century, Saint Teresa of Avila.

The name of the sample, transverberationscomes from the Latin term transverberation which alludes to the act of “transferring” and refers to the mystical experience in which the heart is pierced by a supernatural fire. Now, the exhibition proposes an immersive journey in which this same mystical experience materializes in a transformed space.

In this way, the exhibition takes up the poetry of Santa Teresa and reinterprets it in sculptural, digital, pictorial and sound installations. Among the pieces that you will find here stands out the installation transverberationsthe monumental pictorial work Dissolution and Manifestationthe sound-visual route Prayer and the sound sculpture Citrapatamga Brevicornis.

At the same time, the exhibition invites us to reflect on the role that a mystical experience can have today; As a proposal, this “metaphorical iconography” offers a new aesthetic sensibility in which spirituality and mysticism.

It should be noted that this constitutes the first individual exhibition of Ximena Labra in a museum in our country; In it, it seeks to evoke the memory of Santa Teresa de Ávila, who not only inspired the foundation of the temple and convent where the exhibition is located, but also serves as a starting point for all of her artistic proposal.

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When to visit the show?

If you want to learn more about this artistic proposal, we remind you that transverberations opened its doors last October and will remain in effect until Sunday, February 12, 2023. Remember that the appointment is at Ex Teresa Arte Actual, located at Lic. Verdad 8, Centro Histórico.

We recommend you visit the social networks of this Chilango venue to know all its programming and complementary activities.

Where: Former Teresa Arte Actual, in Lic. Verdad 8, Historic Center.

When: Tue-Sun, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (until February 12, 2023).

How many: Free entry.

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Build your tour of the immersive exhibition Transverberations in CDMX