2023 Horoscopes and Astrological Predictions

Good year!

This week, in addition to weekly astrological predictions, Psychic Zya also shares her predictions for the year to come. Be sure to screenshot or bookmark this article so you can come back and refer to it throughout the year!

Introducing Astro:

2023 is hailed as the year of great spiritual awakening because it adds to the singular number 7. And while that’s true, it’s much deeper than that.

The collective as a whole will begin to activate their ancient spiritual/metaphysical gifts while moving inward to clear the deep shadows.

I’ll be honest, this won’t be the easiest year emotionally for the collective, but it’s also the year you can hyper-manifest the reality you really want as long as it’s in alignment with your path. divine.

If you have not yet started a spiritual practice, do so immediately, as self-care will be an important theme as we all move forward together in these lessons to come.

A spiritual practice can be as simple as meditating for 30 minutes a day, setting up an ancestral altar, or taking nature walks. This is simply a time to go within, to sit quietly, and to truly hear all parts of yourself so that you can be aware of the behavior that is helping or holding you back.

In addition to spiritual gains, this is the year a new generation of millionaires will sow their seeds and will be especially profitable for those in the spiritual/healing sector, real estate (commercial and global) and the non-proprietary/proprietary technology sector. (Think AIRBNB and UBER.)

Along with spiritual expansion will be a reformatting of parenthood and families and a re-honoring of the role of motherhood, both physical and collective driven to live more in harmony with mother earth.

Take a deep breath…hold it for a count of ten…exhale for a count of ten…and let’s go!

Key themes for Universal 2023 will be: Collective consciousness expands, mothering and nurturing become fashionable and cherished, many turn to alternative spirituality or return to traditional religion, releasing collective and individual trauma

Universal Red Flags 2023: Allow your tribe to shift as your consciousness expands, you will find yourself less aligned with loved ones and friends. Its good. Unleash with ease. Isolation by the collective will propel a profound revolution on a soul and ego level. We’ll know by the end of the year what really matters and how much we don’t need. Quit smoking quietly and simply quit the rat race. Learn to manage fear of self and others.

Universal sweet spots 2023: If you take great care of your health, both physical and mental, He will take great care of you. Travel near and far will be major themes this year as souls search for a home and peace. Long-lost lovers will reunite to complete their journey of healing or reunite healed and ready to go.

How to work with:

Your mantra: Say it out loud every day for at least 5 minutes while looking at yourself in the mirror, while bathing or looking at the flame of a golden, yellow or white candle.

Your lucky colors: Wear these colors for quick abundance, protection and joy. They should also be worn strongly when you need to raise good vibes (and your personal magnetism) for an upcoming opportunity in your life.

Your lucky symbol: They are both symbols of protection and blessing for your 2023. You can use them as keychains, wall art, or even as tchotchkes that you hang from your rear view mirror. If nothing else, get a statue of the item and keep it in the part of the house where you hang out the most.

Alright now, let’s get into those horoscopes! Press the flip for your sign.

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