Who is Yulia Vitazyeva, a Russian journalist who is often a guest on Italian TV talks

Of Valentina Santarpia

The most hosted by Italian current affairs programs, she supports Putin and the operation against Ukraine and thus triggers debates in television lounges. Is it part of the propaganda or is it propaganda to itself?

On TV, he expresses his pro-Putin positions and attacks Ukraine, raising waves of indignation. On the net, he appears with very short skirts, high heels and generous necklines. But who is he really?
Yulia Vitazyevathe Russian journalist who the other night, annoyed by the Ukrainian victory at the Eurovision Song Contest, would he have written a tweet in which he claimed the launch of a missile on Turin?

Hard to tell. Very little is known about her. And even her moves are complicated to reconstruct. In reality, the journalist is banned from Twitter, and would have written a message on Telegram that sounded more or less like this: “Might as well launch a missile on Turin, I’ll give Bild a suggestion”, in response to an article in Bild, in fact, according to which Russian hackers were trying to influence the outcome of the race.

In any case, the declaration has raised controversy and very strong indignant reactions in Italy. But it seems in keeping with the provocative style of Vitazyeva, a talk-show host on Russia-1, Russia’s national television. but for a few days he has also been a regular guest on Italian programs. Half-length, connected via computer with the TVs that compete to host her, the journalist exhibits little of her provocative look but much of her provocative attitude: with jokes and comments that unleash sparks in the studio, guaranteeing audience and visibility.

Someone hypothesizes that Copasir, the intelligence service, is keeping her under control because allegedly sent by the Kremlin to make propaganda on television broadcasts. Others believe the comely reporter is simply exploiting the media momentum to obtain a popularity that otherwise would have been difficult to achieve at home. The fact is that in the space of a few days she managed to unleash an uproar in more than one television living room.

As a guest on the broadcast Straight and reverseled by Paolo Del Debbio
, his statements against Kiev and the Ukrainian government caused a lot of discussion. But what caused the most sensation, so much so as to irritate even the conductor, was Yuliya’s irritation over a detail: “Your guests who are standing there in your studio with these Ukrainian flags…” – said the journalist, interrupted by Del Debbio, who scolded her harshly and aired a commercial break to appease spirits. But she also made herself noticed in other Italian political talk shows, such as On Tuesday with John Floris: «Let’s not delegitimize the person, otherwise the studio would probably tear him apart», Floris glossed over his utterances.

“We have been wanting to liberate Ukraine for eight years. Come and see how things are », she told Otto e mezzo on La7. But also in this case Beppe Severgnini’s reaction was very harsh: «You are a victim. Show me that freedom of expression exists in Russia too, invite me to participate in one of your programmes.’

She absorbs insults and criticisms as if nothing had happened, with an artificial smile and the indifference of arrogance. Yulia Vitazyeva adapts perfectly to her role and interprets it with great conviction: but it is the Italian conductors who continue, inviting her, to give her the opportunity.

May 17, 2022 (change May 17, 2022 | 1:21 pm)

Who is Yulia Vitazyeva, a Russian journalist who is often a guest on Italian TV talks