Bologna, the 2023 horoscope: “Entertainment and real estate business, it will be a year of growth”

Paola Rava, astrologer, holistic consultant, writer and painter made the 2023 horoscope for the city

Bologna, 3 January 2023 – Normally like to investigate our future. The planets, by interfacing, influence our lives and our destinies. We ask what the new year has in store for Paola Rava, from Bologna, holistic consultant, astrologer, author of the volume ‘The secret power of animals’, which deals with the symbolism of animals.

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What will 2023 bring to all of us?

“There will be epochal changes that will lead to important turning points. Keywords: freedom, equality and spirituality, understood as an inner search”.


“From March 24 to June 12 Pluto, after 15 years, will appear in the sign of Aquarius imposing new rules for a world order of brotherhood and respect for diversity and the environment. Saturn’s entry into the sign of Pisces, from March 7, will herald drastic changes and will test us following the issuance of severe sanctions especially concerning the protection of the environment”.

So will there be a need to be guided by conservative laws?

“Sure, rigid and concrete to bring order to the chaos we have recently experienced. We will experience a reawakening of holistic disciplines, becoming aware that we are energy. This renewed spirituality will lead us to live with more awareness, assuming greater responsibility also towards the common good. We will live an important humanitarian passage”.

What will 2023 be like for Bologna?

“Bologna was born under the sign of Taurus with a Sagittarius ascendant. The year will begin with a fantastic protection from Jupiter who, from the sign of Aries, will favor all playful initiatives, starting a period full of events based on music, theatre, catering. Tourists in the city will increase. In terms of image, our city will continue its important rise with innovative cultural and social projects. The real estate field, from May, will recover with rising prices and revaluation especially in the San Felice and Sant’ areas Isaiah”.

Any insight into each individual sign?

Sagittarius: live with momentum and clarify your position. Capricorn: let go of the tension and the goal will be achieved anyway. Acquarium: Feel free to make the revolution and also take drastic positions. Fish: get ready to start again with renewed enthusiasm. Aries: throw yourself, dare, take advantage of every good opportunity. Bull: Get rid of the past, seize the wonderful opportunities for recovery. Twins: yes to change, but with a sense of responsibility and clarity. Cancer: you can regain strength and self-esteem. you will also receive many confirmations in love. Lion: from May, curb your instincts and stay in the present, don’t give room for doubts. Virgin: establish rules, seek clarity, move with caution, confirmations will arrive from May. Weight scale: you can get back into the game without too much guilt. Forget the word must. Scorpio: abandon all uncertainty, look for fixed points in your emotional life”.

Bologna, the 2023 horoscope: “Entertainment and real estate business, it will be a year of growth”