Where to go to enjoy the heat even in January: 10 ideas for an escape from the cold

After December, a cold and freezing month but mitigated by Christmas lights and the dream of a holiday rest, January presents itself as the obnoxious brother, always cold but no holidays or sparkles.

Strait between December and February, always cold but in which at least there is Carnival and, for some lucky ones, even Valentine’s Day, January just has no chance of getting away with it.

It is therefore not surprising that in January people are looking for more exotic and warmer escape routes, capable of taking away, even if only for a few days, the melancholy of the beginning of the year. Here then where to go in the heat even in January.

Where to go to enjoy the heat even in January: 10 top ideas

Whether it’s a daydream or a real project, there are several destinations that allow you to enjoy a few days in the heat even in January.

From Oceania to Asia, passing through Africa and Central America, here are ten ideal destinations for a escape from the cold.

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    Thaites. The capital of French Polynesia offers more than one edge to Europeans. since it is part of the territories of France Overseas. With temperatures between 20° and 30°, Thaiti ensures a breathtaking panorama, made up of islands, volcanoes, and a sparkling ocean, where it is not too rare to see some whales. With a respectable local cuisine (the main dishes are based on fresh fish and coconut milk, taken directly from the numerous palm trees on the island), it is certainly in first place.

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    Mauritius. This archipelago overlooking the Indian Ocean guarantees tropical temperatures, white beaches and luxuriant vegetation. Between waterfalls, lagoons and an enchanting coral reef (dozens of different species can be observed at a depth of just a few meters), it is a true paradise on earth.

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    Bali. An island capable of truly responding to every need: known for its yoga and meditation centres, Bali is also the queen of the most particular and lively bars and clubs, but also a site of historical and architectural beauties such as the Uluwatu temple . All this, between a breathtaking ocean, volcanic mountains and rice fields.

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    Yucatán. Beaches, Mayan ruins but also the signs of Mexico’s colonial past make Yucatan a perfect place both for lovers of relaxation and entertainment and for those who are also interested in a historical dimension.

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    Columbus. The capital of Sri Lanka is certainly beaches, clubs and tropical forests, but also one of the most important centers in the world for spirituality. The ancient buildings also tell the story of the island’s history.

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    Goa. Not too far from Colombo, Goa also still bears the signs of its colonial past, in which modern Portuguese churches alternate with historic buildings. Goa is also well known for its beaches, and for the unique spices, which form the basis of Indian cuisine.

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    Cape Town. With slightly milder temperatures than the other proposed destinations (we are around 20°-25°), Cape Town is in any case a sparkling city full of interesting and stimulating activities. The city stands on a peninsula, in the center of which Table Mountain stands out (this is why the temperatures are not very high), from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. Between forests and paradisiacal beaches, it is certainly a destination not to be missed.

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    San Jose. Again temperatures do not reach 30° in January, but they are high enough to allow for an unforgettable kayak ride, a hike in the forest, or a trip to the waterfalls. The city also offers several museums dedicated to the colonial era, and the opportunity to admire the precious gold artifacts.

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    St. Paul. In January in São Paulo, in Brazil, the climate is hot and muggy, with peaks of up to 30°. The city enjoys a climate similar to the Mediterranean in summer, and is perfect for enjoying the sun, the sea, the parties and the always lively clubs. The skyline may recall that of New York, but the atmosphere is fully Brazilian, welcoming and cheerful.

  10. 10.

    Bad. The capital of the Maldives is one of the ideal places for a trip to the tropics. The high temperatures, combined with one of the most beautiful seas in the world, is the perfect place for diving lovers. There is no shortage of colorful mosques, a historic library and one of the most popular fish markets in the world. The definition of paradise, in short, even if the cost is unfortunately not within everyone’s reach.

5 “lukewarm” destinations for a trip to Italy in January

Although around the world there is no shortage of opportunities for an escape from the heat and they offer the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and fascinating places on the planet, a trip from one end of the globe to the other is certainly not within everyone’s reach.

For those who want to treat themselves to a more “tepid” moment while remaining in Italy, here are 5 destinations which, even if they do not guarantee tropical heat, give the opportunity to escape even in our country.

  1. 1.

    Syracuse. With a temperature around 20° even in January, Syracuse will surprise you with the splendid island of Ortigia, the open-air theater, the temple of Apollo and the Aretusa spring (one of the very few places in the world where you can see papyrus plants outside Egypt). The sea is crystal clear, and with a heavy wetsuit (or a good dose of courage) it is definitely feasible to enjoy your first swim of the year.

  2. 2.

    Leghorn. Here too the sea does not disappoint, and the temperature is decidedly mild. Livorno also offers splendid Renaissance palaces, and a cuisine based on fish and Tuscan salami that is hard to resist.

  3. 3.

    Catania. Also in this case the temperatures approach 20° even in January. The choice of the wonders of Catania is wide: from the cathedral, to the colorful fish market, up to the Roman theater and the Benedictine monastery, it is certainly a perfect city for a getaway of a few days.

  4. 4.

    Savona. A real gem, Savona will win you over with its suggestive seafront, panoramic towers, palaces and gardens. A real pearl, where you can also indulge in a tasty porridge, perhaps accompanied by a focaccia and a good glass of white wine.

  5. 5.

    Sassari. Also in this case, the temperatures are around 20°. Its beaches, cathedrals and the marvelous Asinara national park make it an unmissable destination in all seasons.

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Where to go to enjoy the heat even in January: 10 ideas for an escape from the cold