Hijo de Carlos Altamirano y su documental sobre el padre: “Él jamás trató de meterme en las ideas marxistas” | DFMAS

Juan Carlos Altamirano (68) está sentado en una de las sillas del comedor del departamento de su ex mujer, la escritora Carla Guelfenbein, con quien dice que se lleva muy bien. Fueron 33 años juntos, tienen dos hijos. Aquí se queda cuando está en Santiago, ya que desde hace un tiempo vive en El Pangue, … Read more

“Me di el lujo de concretar todas mis locas ideas”

Mientras Avelina Esther Vizcaychipi (42) cursaba la carrera de guía de turismo en la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales de la UNaM, la frase pronunciada por una docente, la marcó rotundamente: “Serás una excelente profesional, pero sácate de la cabeza que tu ciudad será turística en poco tiempo. Eso va a llevar muchos años … Read more

Ideas. True nonviolence is an expert in truth and freedom

Truth is not a matter of knowledge alone, certainly not of a knowledge understood in a very limited way as an adequacy between intellect and thing. Truth is experimental, but not in the sense of the need to pursue it through an experiment, which produces what it intends to prove through a limitation of technically … Read more

Where to go to enjoy the heat even in January: 10 ideas for an escape from the cold

After December, a cold and freezing month but mitigated by Christmas lights and the dream of a holiday rest, January presents itself as the obnoxious brother, always cold but no holidays or sparkles. Strait between December and February, always cold but in which at least there is Carnival and, for some lucky ones, even Valentine’s … Read more

Christmas: L’Incorrect’s gift ideas

BOOKS(by Romaric Sangars) THE HEART DOES NOT GIVE UPGregory Bouiller, flammarion, 904 pages, €26 The Christmas holidays and the long winter evenings will offer you the ideal circumstances to dive into this remarkable, unconventional cobblestone, which earned Grégoire Bouiller to be defended as their own Goncourt by the critics of the excellent magazine Defector, and … Read more

Descartes Dyptich, dance tells the ideas of Descartes at the Teatro Toselli

On Friday 16 December 2022 at 21 at the Teatro Toselli in Cuneo, for the itinerant season IPUNTIDANZA 2022/23, the EgriBiancoDanza Company returns with a new production, Descartes Dyptich, the last stage of Ergo Sum, a four-part project by the choreographer Raphael Bianco, co -director of the Company. Ergo Sum, developed since 2018 invites us … Read more

Hanukkah: The Most Important Ideas and Practices of the Holiday

Jewish Link – Hanukkah begins to be celebrated on the Sunday that enters at sunset. This is one of the most practiced festivities by Jews around the world. It consists of lighting an eight-armed chandelier for eight nights during which its light is increased. It has a special meaning for families, since the time to … Read more

‘The White Lotus 3’: The creator of the series has many ideas for a new season

‘The White Lotus 2’: The theory that connects with ‘The Godfather’ and says who dies The White Lotus: who dies in season 2 of the series? The season 2 of the series The White Lotus has shown that it is possible to take a formula that works and build something new from there, without repeating … Read more