The myth of Prometheus at the Sociale

Third appointment (and last of 2022) for the APRE programming of the Teatro Sociale in Valenza on Friday 9 December (9.00 pm) with the company Potentiali Evocati Multimediali in the reinterpretation of Prometheus directed by Gabriele Vacis.
Already applauded at the Sociale in various guises, the one planned is perhaps the most important, most ambitious, most stimulating challenge for PEM.
Prometheus, the tragedy of Aeschylus which saw the light in 460 BC has crossed the boundaries of time and is delivered to us with surprising strength and relevance. In a combination of acting, physical movement, singing will be revived by the eleven actors of the young company and by Gabriele Vacis himself as narrator, in a rehearsal that saw its debut in the prestigious Classical theater review of the Olimpico in Vicenza last September.
On that occasion the reruns were conditioned by the absence of several actors due to covid. In a certain way, therefore, the real debut of the show will be that of Valencia.
About the work…The tragedy of Aeschylus captures the moment of conflict between Zeus and Prometheus. The son of the titan protected men, his creation, from the capricious god who already no longer liked men: he was jealous because they resembled the gods too much. And how does Prometheus protect them? By giving them fire, that is, technology, science. When Zeus discovers that his friend has stolen his fire to give it to men, he feels betrayed and punishes Prometheus in the worst possible way: he sends him to the edge of the world, which for the Greeks was the Caucasus, and has him chained to a cliff where every morning an eagle will come to devour his liver which grows back every night.
Prometheus has always been the symbol of rebellion, a character loved by young people because, like them, he cannot contain his feelings and the strength of the fences established by conventions, a hero who makes the challenge to established authority his vital condition. But he is also the archetype of technological and scientific knowledge, freed from the chains of superstition and ignorance. Thus the young actors graduated from the Scuola del Teatro Stabile in Turin, the PEM Potentiali Evocati Multimediali group tackle this project with the words of Aeschylus, words that pass through their bodies without ever giving up the physical action, to arrive at the dance and the sound that becomes song. Singing of the chorus, as in the tradition of classical tragedies, in which the characters emerge from the chorus without ever separating from it.
PotentialiEvocatiMultimediali is a social enterprise born in December 2021 from the synergy between the recent graduates of the School for Actors of the Teatro Stabile in Turin (three-year period 2018/21), a student of the Master in “Journalistic Criticism” of the “Silvio D’Amico” Academy, Roberto Tarasco and Gabriele Vacis. PEM deals with Art, Pedagogy and Care. Through workshops, seminars and performances, PEM spreads theatrical training, promotes social inclusion, and promotes theater beyond the show. PEM proposes an open theatre, whose aesthetics are considered the foundation of a theatrical experience that establishes interaction and relationship; this necessarily creates a space accessible to people, participatory and inclusive, which nourishes the community and the society of which it is a part

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The myth of Prometheus at the Sociale –