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Starting today 4th October 2022, Vativisiona company active since June 2020 that produces and distributes documentaries, films, TV series and Christian-inspired services on demand, will be present, exclusiveon KILOSthe first transactional platform in Italy to access on demand (TVOD / AVOD) films and TV series without subscription barriers, with a dedicated channel.

The partnership between Vativision and CHILI constitutes an important step in the growth path of Vativision, born and developed with the aim of spreading faith, art and culture through high quality content and products. The project, also supported by the Vatican Foundation of San Giovanni XXIIIaims to consolidate the presence of Vativision and CHILI in the media & entertainment sector by investing in an ever richer offer an ever richer offer that is open to new artistic expressions including spiritual experiences.

“We have proposed ourselves, since our birth – He says Luigi TornariCEO of Vativision – the goal of spreading Christian themes and values ​​by making an important contribution to the profound innovation in the ways of conveying the Catholic message. The transition to a very widespread wide-ranging platform marks an important step in this direction. This is a further step that will contribute to the development of our project and we are pleased that this happens on October 4th, the day in which St. Francis, patron saint of Italy is celebrated. We have renewed and enriched what you have in your hands: the site. In addition to video content – the more than 300 titles in our catalog of documentaries, TV series and films – on this platform you will find three other important sections: news and comments, podcasts and author blogs. Every day you will be able to read the news produced by our editorial staff: you will discover, in addition to the news coming from the Holy See and from the Catholic world, everything that you will not find on other sites. From interviews with the personalities of our time who will talk about their relationship with religion, to the interventions of what we can call, using television terminology, our “talents”. You will have time and opportunity to get to know them by following us every day. You will find weekly columns. Among these I want to point out the one dedicated to the “Eucharistic Miracles”, that is, according to the doctrine of the Catholic Church, those miracles that involve the Eucharist. Antonia Salzano Acutis, mother of Carlo Acutis, the 15-year-old who died of fulminant leukemia in 2006, will write about it for us, whose second anniversary of beatification will soon be on 10 October. It begins with the Miracle of Alatri, in the province of Frosinone, in 1228. Inside you will also find a section entirely dedicated to podcasts. The fusion of the words iPod (pod means capsule) and broadcast (transmission) has given birth to one of the new ways of communicating in our times. The power of the voice, for Strauss the most beautiful instrument in the world but also the most difficult to play, and words vibrate in the Podcast section. It ranges from the commentary on the Sunday Gospel to portraits of the characters of the nativity scene, passing through the protagonists of the Passion of Christ. Finally, by browsing our site, you will arrive at the “Author’s Blog” section. We will host the contributions of some of the most accredited contemporary authors. This week you will find, on the front page, the reflections of Don Giulio Dellavite, general secretary of the Curia of Bergamo. Vativision’s “Author Blog” section will be an intimate space for writing and speaking, which will take us by the hand into that world of research and spirituality that we sometimes struggle to keep alive. This is what you will find starting today on ».

Faith, religion, sacred art, Popes, Saints, Blesseds, witnesses of faith, Eucharistic miracles, the masterpieces of the Vatican City, cultural and artistic contents, also unpublished, available for free or by rental or purchase: all this is Vativision, the channel of spirituality Christian available on dedicated to the faithful, but capable of offering food for thought also to those who believe in the principles of solidarity and altruism or who wish to deepen the role of the Church in History.

The CEO of CHILI, Giorgio Tacchiadeclares:

“We are happy to announce the partnership with Vativision: a collaboration that clearly reaffirms the role of CHILI as one of the main streaming voices in our country, the country of the Vatican and the Pope. It therefore seemed natural to us to be the first to welcome Vativision , a channel completely dedicated to worship which, thanks to technology and the traffic generated by our platform, becomes culture and broadens its spectrum of influence, reaching not only Christians, but also audiences who show an interest in history or for the documentary genre. From the very beginning we have always paid particular attention to our users, working on data analysis and putting our technological skills at the service of increasingly differentiated audiences so that everyone can meet a thematic offer suitable for their desires, even when they do not are still clearly expressed. With Vativision, the CHILI channel offer further raises quality by differentiating itself, also in terms of identity, on the market ».

The legal aspects of the transaction were handled by the Legance law firm, which also acted as deal counsel, with the coordination of prof. lawyer Andrea Sacco Ginevri and the lawyer. Edoardo Manni.

Vativision is supported by Intesa Sanpaolo And San Giovanni XXIII Foundation and is now visible, exclusively, on or through

Vativision on the Chili platform, a streaming channel dedicated to Christian worship |