This is how old Valentino Lanús looks, the heartthrob of ‘Las tontas no go al cielo’ who disappeared from soap operas


do you remember? Valentino Lanus? How to forget the gallant of the soap operaFools don’t go to heaven”who paired up with Jacky Bracamontes. The life of the famous changed completely once he disappeared from soap operas and retired from television; In the same way, his appearance was no longer the same because he no longer resembles to Valentino who stole sighs on the small screen. What happened to the actor and how does he look in the present! Her transformation of him was amazing!

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Where is Valentino Lanus? Far away from soap operas and closer to the profession she decided to pursue once she gave up the TV soaps; The last time he appeared in one was in 2017, in the well-known “Nothing Personal”. After that, she did not return to show business and took a different path.

What happened to Valentino Lanús? This is how the actor looks after GIVING UP telenovelas (PHOTO)

Photo: Facebook Valentino Lanús

Currently, the exactor is 48 years old and after making 15 soap operas and five movies, he decided that his destiny was not to dedicate himself to the show but to the world of energies, therefore, it is spiritual guideHe holds conferences and courses on meditation, breathing and the way in which he conceives the energy of each human being, as reported by the national media and himself on his social networks.

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In an interview he declared that he changed his lifestyle because practicing yoga and studying ancient texts allowed him and his family to get closer to wisdom. For Mexican TV told that his transformation began in a trip to thailand, when he met a Tibetan monk who recognized his spirit and gave him a stone with which he “woke up”. He also pointed out that he lived in the jungle for four years and that he has no intention of returning to the TV soaps let alone television.

Who is the mother of Valentino Lanús’s daughter?

Valentino Lanús with his daughter. Photo: Instagram @valentinolanus_

It is known that the actor is the father of a girl whom he named María Magdalena; He travels the world with his daughter in search of learning about spirituality. Valentino Lanus He has preferred to keep his little girl’s life private so it is not known who the mother is.

Valentino Lanús and Amber Heard: How was your relationship?

the star of hollywood, Amber Heard and who was in the eye of the hurricane for his relationship and divorce with Johnny Depp. It was then that it came to light that the actress maintained, before her stormy marriage, an engagement with Valentino LanusThe actor has spoken little about that time, but he was his partner in novels, Otto Sirgowho told in an interview for the program windowing How the retired actor and the American met.

“It was several years ago… Amber had come to visit Valentino in MexicoValentino and I were recording a telenovela together and one of the main sets was a house in Cocoyoc, and while Valentino was recording and I wasn’t, I loved laying on a lounge chair by the pool to sunbathe, Amber would arrive, do the same and we would start talking… the truth is we got along very well”, recalled Otto.

This is how old Valentino Lanús looks, the heartthrob of ‘Las tontas no go al cielo’ who disappeared from soap operas