This is how old Valentino Lanús looks, the heartthrob of ‘Las tontas no go al cielo’ who disappeared from soap operas

Written in ENTERTAINMENT he 7/18/2023 3:05 p.m. do you remember? Valentino Lanus? How to forget the gallant of the soap opera “Fools don’t go to heaven”who paired up with Jacky Bracamontes. The life of the famous changed completely once he disappeared from soap operas and retired from television; In the same way, his appearance was … Read more

What does Joana Benedeck do after her retirement from soap operas?

If we talk about television villains, without a doubt Joana Benedeck is one of those who stood out thanks to her role as Roxana Brito De la O in “Friends and rivals” (2001), a character who became the most hated in the audience for being a manipulative woman full of malice, who did not he … Read more

Why Sarah Mintz decided to return to soap operas after leaving them for her religion

Sarah Mintz, formerly known as Maritza Rodriguezis a famous actress, because she played the role of villain of various soap operas. A few years ago, she announced that he was retiring from show business, but now he’s back for a new project. The Colombian interpreter has participated in several titles such as “Amantes del desierto” … Read more

Mauricio Islas and Valentino Lanús were favorite gallants of youth soap operas: photos to remember it

among the many soap opera hunks that stole millions of hearts in the nineties, without a doubt, the Mexican actors stand out Mauritius Islands Y Valentino Lanus. Stars began their careers in soap operas around this time and quickly they became audience favorites thanks to his talent, charisma and physical attractiveness. Since its glory days, … Read more

Blow to TV Azteca: After 8 years withdrawn by religion, beloved actress returns to Televisa soap operas

Mexico City.- a famous protagonist of televisionwho has not made soap operas for 8 years after leave Mexico for focus on your family and religion, return to the melodramas. Is about Karyme Lozanowho was confirmed as one of the mature protagonists of the telenovela My secretsoon to be released and produced by Carlos Moreno for … Read more