The PPT report: orgies, politics and money in the plot of the Villa Crespo Sect

The Yoga School of Buenos Aires It had its headquarters in a building located on Estado de Israel street in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Crespo. It also had bases in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. In a new report from Journalism for Alla breakdown of a story of orgies, sexual favors to famous personalities, ties to politics and human trafficking in a movie plot.

The arrest of the leader of the call Sect of Villa Crespo, Juan Perkowiczand 18 other hierarchical members put an end to 30 years of illegal activity. Who was considered by his followers as an “angel” or a “master”, was an expert in manipulation.

In the 90s, the then Judge Mariano Berges he prosecuted the “spiritual leader”, despite the threats, counterclaims and even accusations against him, which were commonplace. “The students did tasks such as contributing money or giving sexual favors to climb the chain of spirituality. In Plaza Lavalle, in front of the Courts, there were escraches. They set up guards and made macumbas,” the lawyer recalled.

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The Yoga School came to have around 190 studentswho were prohibited from disseminating the content of the meetings or classes at the headquarters. Caterina Sanfelice he witnessed the orgies and denounced the Sect. “Perkowicz challenged them. In the orgies he took away their modesty, ethics and morals”he recalled.

tied to power

In the 90s the leaders of the Sect ended up dismissed, which put in evidence their connection with politics. José Luis Manzano, Raúl Granillo, Carlos Grosso, Carlos Ruckauf and Carlos Menem They were related to the criminal organization. Even the former president of the United States, bill clintondefended her.

Also, Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel and Eugenio Zaffaroni, they accused the Justice of persecuting the leaders of the Sect. “Human Rights sent us the faxes and we added them to the files”Berges said.

The Villa Crespo Sect had its own black list of enemies, mostly complainants, judges and prosecutors who investigated her. Even Mirtha Legrand was on the payroll.

modus operandi

Getting “pigeons”, wealthy and powerful figures, was another way to ascend. Plácido Domingo, according to the case, was one of the VIP clients and there are audios that compromise it.

Andrés, a former member, admitted that once he was commissioned to seduce a deputy from the Justicialist Party to capture her and secure her in the institution.

Other activities were hospitalizations and calls “sleep cures”, which they sought to redirect the behaviors, since they induced the victim to a state of total submission. Through this mechanism of psychological torture, the Yoga School maintained absolute dominance over its followers.

The Sect of Villa Crespo, protagonist of a horror story in which few became millionaires at the cost of suffering and human subjugation.

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The PPT report: orgies, politics and money in the plot of the Villa Crespo Sect –