“The choreography…the double scene of writing”

The eighth issue of the electronic magazine “Les Amis de Dionysos” (September 2022), which is directed by the poet and aesthetician Boudjemaa Ashfari, and has in its editorial board the poet and translator Rajaa Talbi, the visual artist and art critic Benyonis Amirouche, and writer and art critic Ahmed Lotfallah; It is a magazine devoted to the affairs of art and thought.
The magazine’s editor, poet Boudjemaa Ashfari, said the following:
“Can the scene be still? The scene is already a movement. And movement is a dance story. The story of the body process. Strike (thin) thin the edge of the knife of life.
It is, originally, also a verb (Verb-Act). Verb because it carries meaning: the dance of the body (shaking and moving to the rhythm of the music); dancing in speech (speaking lightly and softly); he danced in the saddle (raised and lowered); wine dance (spurts); The dance of the heart (agitated and moved)…
And it’s a verb, because the body in it travels towards a scene where the writing doubles as the absence of the absence and of the absence.
As if it were a scene “in which two mammals, a male and a female, confront each other”. Watching this scene provokes in us a state of fascination. A fascination that shakes the body (our body), grazes its skin, and the scene becomes an annihilation for the temptress…”
Creative and intellectual names from Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, France, Belgium, Romania, Canada, America… contributed to the writing of the eighth issue, whose chapters were:

“The choreography… the double scene of writing”

Contributed by:
– Abdel-Baqi Belfakih: Under the skin. Choreography from an ethnological point of view;
Al-Mustafa Farouki: Dance Ahidous – Middle Atlas. Structures and semantics;
– Anka Giorciscu – Ahmed Lotfallah: Dance as a semiotic concept;
Mahmoud Awad: They kill the dance;
– Anaiel Das – Salma Al-Ghazawi: “The Rite of Spring”… How a work that no longer has an impact changes the history of dance;
Al-Maati Qabal: Dervishes and the Choreography of the Spiritual Surface;
Hassan Laghdash: Aesthetics of the body through live choreography in Morocco;
– Roya Saad: The decline of the body.. choreography in the film “Saspiria”;
– Khidr Chodar: choreography and poetry;
Shakir Nouri: The choreography of the body and the novel.


Lahcen Zainoun..the bird of fire

Contributed to this angle:
– Abdelhak Sarhan – Qassem Marghata: The leap of the angel;
– Moulim Laroussi – Said Ahed: Farha Doukkala;
Beniones Amirouche: Lahcen Zainoun.. From choreography to the visual sense;
– Fatim Ayachi – Boudjemaa Achfari: I will never deny my body;
– Noureddine Ayouch: Zenon, a multi-artist who does not bend;
– Abdullah Shukairy: Zenon… She will always be a reference for true art;
– Lahcen Zainoun: The Ragza.. The Dance of the Feet.
Focus: Maurice Béjart
– Béjar – Michel Robert – Raja Talbi:
Thus danced Zarathustra.

read(s) write:

– Jacques Derrida – Safaa Fathi – Ali Belgrave: Derrida wonders… Has anyone ever encountered an “I” on the road?
Maryam Janglo: Four Poems;
Muhammad Aziz Al-Hussaini: Three Poems;
– Sherry Montaser: Narrative text.. Claire (Chapter One).


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“The choreography…the double scene of writing” – bayanealyaoume – Maroc-Actu