TCM celebrates Scorsese’s 80th birthday with a selection of his best films


On November 17 Martin Scorsese turns 80 and at TCM we have prepared a great birthday party in his honor. Every Thursday of the month the night program will be dedicated to the figure of this great director with the broadcast of a selection of films that cover a large part of his cinematographic career. Titles such as “Who is knocking at my door?”, His first feature film, made in 1967; “Bad Streets”, a film that hit theaters in 1973 and was his first big hit; “Alicia no longer lives here”, from 1974; “The King of Comedy”, from 1983; “Jo, what a night!”, from the year 1985; “The Last Temptation of Christ”, one of his most controversial films, which premiered in 1988; “Kundun”, directed in 1997 and “Shutter Island”, from 2010. This special will be accompanied by the premiere of a new edition of the original TCM program “Cara a cara” with film directors Paula Ortiz (“The Bride”, “From your window to mine”) and Rodrigo Cortés (“Love in its place”, “Red lights”), who will talk about Martin Scorsese’s cinema.

“Scorsese is the reason I make movies”says the director Rodrigo Cortes. “It has made me, it has built me ​​and it has illuminated what I do and what I am”adds for her part the director Paula Ortiz. The two are devoted admirers of the New York filmmaker and perfectly remember the first time they saw one of his films. “It was The Age of Innocence”remember Ortiz. “But my real impact was seeing Raging Bull on the big screen”comment. “I went to see The Color of Money without knowing it was a Scorsese movie”explains for his part the director of Buried. “I was 13 or 14 years old and I wanted to see that movie about the world of pool with Paul Newman and Tom Cruise, who I knew from Legend”, it states. That film forever changed the future director’s concept of cinema. “With Scorsese I began to learn that there was a way to approach this discipline that was not transferable to other worlds but was a screen bursting before my eyes”He says.

Martin Scorsese He was born in New York into a Catholic family of Italian immigrants. He studied at a seminary and even thought about becoming a priest. That religious grounds, according to Rodrigo Cortesis present throughout his work as a filmmaker. “He has made the loudest movies in the history of cinema, not only externally but internally they are loud and uncomfortable and they shake and wobble you”. And adds: “Little by little he makes a journey, through religiosity, the search for spirituality and transcendence towards silence. Religiousness bathes all his cinema from the beginning in the iconographic and thematic. not that i do The last temptation of Christ, Kundun and then Silence, is that already in Bad streets you see all that Catholic weight always vertebrate through guilt and pain “.

in his movies Scorsese has delved into the darkest corners of the human soul. She has shown self-destruction and spirituality and how wildly they can get mixed up. Her cinema has always been risky, nervous and excessive, and has shown violence as one of the dark places of the human being. “If you see, for example, The Irishman has the strength of One of Ours”point Paula Ortiz. “Both are films about men who have lived from, by, for and with violence and with that lysergic load that he adds”He says.

At eighty years old Martin Scorsese is still in full swing. In 2023 he plans the premiere of his new film, Killers of the Flower Moonstarring his faithful Leonardo Dicaprio Y Robert DeNiroand has several more projects on films, documentaries and television series in the portfolio. “Scorsese demands extreme silence on set. No noise can be made while he rolls. When Mr. Scorsese is on set, it means that we are in a cathedral and nobody moves.Explain Rodrigo Cortes. “I think that at 80 years old he is in top form”Add Paula Ortiz. “He is tremendously lucid and vital. He is a guy who excites me. I want to be like that, I want to grow old like that, with that attitude”concludes the Aragonese director. “He is the closest thing to a teacher”ensures Eduardo Cortes. “His teaching is in his work and not only because of his gaze, genius, talent and storytelling ability but also because of his attitude. It is a constant reference”. A mastery that viewers of TCM they will be able to check watching their cinema during every Thursday of the month of November.

Thursday, November 3

– 8:30 p.m. Who is knocking my door? (Who’s That Knocking At My Door?, 1967)
– 22:00 Face to face: Scorsese according to Rodrigo Cortés and Paula Ortiz (2022)
– 22:20 Kundûn (Kundun, 1997)

Thursday, November 10

– 20:00 Wow, what a night! (After Hours, 1985)
– 9:40 p.m. TCM Selection: Martin Scorsese (2017)
– 9:50 p.m. Face to face: Scorsese according to Rodrigo Cortés and Paula Ortiz (2022)
– 22:00 The last temptation of Christ (The Last Temptation of Christ, 1988)

Thursday, November 17

– 19:50 the king of comedy (The King of Comedy, 1983)
– 9:40 p.m. Face to face: Scorsese according to Rodrigo Cortés and Paula Ortiz (2022)
– 22:00 TCM Selection: Martin Scorsese (2017)
– 22:15 Shutter Island (Shutter Island, 2010)

Thursday, November 24

– 8:10 p.m. Alicia doesn’t live here anymore. (Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, 1974)
– 22:00 Face to face: Scorsese according to Rodrigo Cortés and Paula Ortiz (2022)
– 22:20 bad streets (Mean Streets, 1973)

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TCM celebrates Scorsese’s 80th birthday with a selection of his best films –