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The match

Life It is one of parties so-called “anti-system” which, after successfully overcoming the challenge of petitionmanaged to show up at the next ones political elections from Sunday 25 September 2022. It defines itself «a social and political community of conscious, aware and coherent human beings who have decided to stop delegating decisions concerning their life and have chosen to place their best talents at the disposal of the national community».

The party unites representatives of some conspiratorial, Eurosceptic, anti-system movements and deniers of the Covid-19 pandemic. The leader is Sara Cunialdeputy former 5 Star Movement known for its conspiratorial and anti-vaccine positions, but among the founders there are also Paolo Sensini del No Fear DayLuca Teodori del 3V movementEdward Polacco by Sentinels of the Constitution – I am with the Polish lawyer and Maurizio Martucci of Italian Alliance Stop 5G.

The program

Vita strongly opposes thesanitary emergencyto the compulsory green passat the Suspension and al dismissal of the workers which they refused to get vaccinated. The complete electoral program from Life for general election 2022 is divided into 10 points and it is available CLICKING HERE.

Below one synthesis of the program from Life:


  • Repeal of any law issued in violation of human rights and in contrast with the original and spiritual principles of life.
  • Yes to life as an inalienable right in all its expressions and manifestations. Main revelation of life, the younger generation, children and adolescents are at the center of the national community.

Constitutional freedoms

  • Abolition of any health blackmail and therapeutic as the vaccination obligation for every age group and for all professional and social categories.
  • Stop social engineering systemssurveillance and control, as well as bonuses and social credit.
  • Respect and guarantee of all natural and constitutional rights.
  • Freedom of movement and movement of the person without emergency restriction.
  • Freedom and right to work and study as an aptitude of one’s personal and professional talent aimed at the common good.
  • Law and protection of private, inviolable property.

Restoration of national sovereignties

  • Stop speculation in international finance about Italy and its national economy.
  • block ofID-Pay he was born in wallet system aimed at replacing cash with electronic money.
  • Fight against technological unemployment.
  • Abolition of professional orders and colleges and state exams for access to the professions.
  • Stop TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty) and international free trade treaties and declassification of agreements and contracts stipulated in every sector by the State with multinationals.
  • State-owned central bank.
  • Development of a national plan of sustainable energy autonomy.
  • Safeguarding Italian production and gods traditional craftsde-bureaucratisation and concessions for local businesses, VAT numbers, small and medium-sized enterprises a support of the real local economy.
  • Stop the price increase of basic necessities and consumer goods (such as trucking fuel, utilities, food, services and supplies).
  • Protection and control of industrial strategic assets.
  • Reduction of the tax burden e 20% flat tax.


  • Italy peaceful and neutral nationexcluded from armed military alliances.
  • Repudiation of war.
  • Exit from NATO.
  • Closure and disposal of military bases of foreign forces on the national territory.
  • Exit from the Euro and from this European Union.
  • Abolition of state secrecy for the crimes of massacres and terrorism.

School, arts and science

  • Abolition of school training programs conveyed with new digital technologies: DAD, Metaverse and robotics.
  • Stop the indoctrination programs gender, neutral and transhuman body.
  • Maximum independence of scientific researchdetached from industry conflicts of interest and lobbying influences.
  • Protection of freedom of choice of teaching alternative and homeschooling.
  • Recognition and dignity for complementary health disciplines and the noetic sciences.

Free information and truth

  • Transparency on the origin of the fjournalism and publishing funding sources public and private to overcome conflicts of interest.
  • Abolition of gold contracts in RAI.
  • Abolition of the order of journalists.
  • Stop public funding of publishing.
  • Independence of public information for a real pluralism of contents and opinions.
  • Withdrawal of agreements signed between the state and hi-tech multinationals, social platforms and information bodies aiming at the systematic censorship of pluralism.


  • No to GMOsorganisms genetically modified by genetic engineering.
  • No to NBTs, genetic improvement techniques.
  • Stop the pollution of foods and crops and promotion of animal welfare.
  • Stop geo-engineering programs and defense of the public air and the ether.
  • Stop the cutting of trees and valorisation of the forest heritage and public green areas.
  • Support for organic farmsand biodynamic.
  • Investments in self-sufficiencyon solidarity production with a short supply chain and on the values ​​of peasant agricultural culture.
  • Recognition of the priceless value of commons as intangible
  • Stop vivisection, promotion and defense of the rights and welfare of all animals
  • No to nuclear power.

Health and science

  • Stop the culture of death in the propaganda of the hyper-medicalization of life.
  • Freedom of therapeutic choice and abolition of the health passport and green pass.
  • Stop 5Gnational moratorium on technology standards that are unsafe for humanity and the environment.
  • Stop the digital transition.
  • Minimization of electromagnetic pollutionphysical and chemical and recognition of environmental diseases.

Justice reform

  • Separation of careers of Magistrates.
  • Abolition of the Juvenile Courts.
  • Prohibition for Magistrates to fill ministerial, political, electoral positions.
  • Reform of the Judicial Councils with the introduction of the representation of the Attorney-at-law.
  • Reform of the CSM with election of the members not with the presentation of “current electoral lists” but by drawing lots.
  • Obligation to conclusion of criminal and civil proceedings within two years for each level of judgement.


  • Stop illegal immigration
  • Support to local communities for the shared management of the territory’s wealth.
  • Each local community decidesthrough the relevant bodies, for your present and futureaccording to your needs.


Political elections 2022, the program of Life | Extension