Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Pc review

Kena: Bridge of Spirits has finally debuted on Steam in conjunction with theAnniversary Update (which among various novelties also adds the new game +). In fact, the year of temporal exclusivity, in which the game was originally released on PS4, PS5 And Pc Street Epic Games Store. It is an adventurous spirit experience that mixes combat and exploration in a context with themes that are as profound as they are interesting. Death and transition between worlds, but also love, sacrifice and redemption. All elements that form the base along which the path of the players will stretch. A project born from the minds of Mike and Josh Grier, two brothers who in 2009, in Los Angeles, founded Ember Lab.

An independent studio that for a long time mainly dealt with animation and digital content creation, only to then launch into the world of video games. In fact, after having warmed our hearts with sweet TV commercials (one of which for Coke), the Grier brothers repurposed their art in a title that has managed like few others to soften the spirit. A wonderful job, which shows us how the two developers have very clear ideas on what a video game must have to be defined as such. So let’s go and discover the very recent Anniversary version of Kena: Bridge of Spirits in this review. Enjoy the reading.


In the world of Kena: Bridge of Spirits the dead are honored through carved wooden masks. Over time these memorabilia they are destined to turn to dustthus representing the peaceful transition of a soul into the afterlife. However, not all spirits will follow their path. Some will linger, ending up lost and trapped in the real world. Others, however, in conflict with their unsolved past, they will become restless and violent. And this is where we will come into play, impersonating a young but expert spiritual guide able to “free” entities from their burdens.

The whole valley draws its power from the sacred Sanctuary of the Mountain, first goal in Kena’s journey. Along the way, however, we will not shy away from purify the corrupted areas. Arid places that stain a lush valley, fed by the malaise of tormented spirits. These will take on physical form when approached and will always have unfriendly intentions. Of course we will also meet harmless souls, such as the little twins Beni and Saiya who we will help in their search for their lost brother. Other “presences” instead will come to support us in various ways.

We loved the photo mode

I Rotsmall and adorable spiritual beings, they will be always in our company, populating our path with funny observers. These affectionate furry dogs will be a fundamental part of our adventure. We can order the Rot’s move some items scenarios for us, useful to solve simple but well designed puzzles environmental. By arranging the misplaced objects instead we will get del Karmauseful for enhance Kena’s abilities. This currency can also be earned feeding our little friends with various berries and fruits found in the maps.

In Kena: Bridge of Spirits chests, baskets and lanterns will also be scattered throughout the game from which we will get another currency, the Crystals. With these we can buy (once unlocked) extravagant hats for the cuddly Rot and alternative clothes for Kena. There will also be some to assist us on our journey masters, which will teach us to master the energy of the valley, shaping it into various weapons. Thanks to these mentors we will acquire interesting skillswhich will pay off even more interesting gameplay. For example we will be able to make our staff a spiritual bow, to transform energy into bombs and much more.


The difference between played and cutscenes is barely discernible

The latent abilities of our sweet protagonist will be clear right away. Ken’s hidden potential will be expressed by the two crystals in his possession. The one hanging from her neck and the one at the end of hers stick-catalyst. The spiritual “impulses” of the young guide will be a gameplay element for us to be exploited to “activate” the gems. These will respond, shining in turn and creating one resonance chain which will activate mechanisms, awaken spirits and trigger reactions useful for eradicate sources of corruption.

The gameplay of Kena: Bridge of Spirits is simple and extremely pleasant. Enjoyable both with keyboard and mouse and with pad. Kena will be able to chain light and heavy attacksstrike in the air and perform acrobatic dodges. The Rot, on the other hand, could be activated in battle accumulating “shares” of Courage. By hitting enemies and collecting balls of Courage it will be possible to load action slots, thus being able to order our friends to assault opponents. But also to collect precious remedies from a distance. Each use will be equivalent to a single action.

Challenging and rewarding level even in “Normal” mode

In the case of Kena: Bridge of Spirits we feel like doing one standing ovation for perfect timing with which each new event, mechanic and story will present itself to the player. Each element will come at the right time. The awe and wonder they will also be around every corner, in what we will call a mini-open world. Therefore it will be impossible both to get bored and to refrain from smiling and rejoicing in the feelings truck that will invest us continuing. Especially noting the freedom of interaction with the Rot.

Not even the fighting will disappoint, with both minor enemies and bosses. Which will have weaknesses that can be activated thanks to the power of the Rot. In some cases, however, it will be necessary to combine Kena’s skills. Brute force giants, wizards, swordsmen and beasts of various kinds. They will all be different and endowed with unique abilities. An excellent variety, with a lot of care in the individual models that will really turn out captivating. Even facing the same boss after each death we ended up discovering new features, as well as with certain enemies. An excellent jobmade by people who show a great deal of understanding of video games (although it is their first experience).


The almost absent hud will make everything more immersive, without neglecting the “comprehensibility”

The direction stratospheric art from Kena: Bridge of Spirits he will accompany us with one grace and one cinematic power worthy of the best animated films Disney And Dreamworks. Countless external references, such as The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask And Raya and the last dragon. This with a musical combination to be enchanted. The symphonies of flutes, the white choirs and the percussion of various “tribal” instruments will be genuinely exciting. The rustle of the leaves, the bamboo wind chimes tapping each other, the wind in the trees … Everything will make us feel at one with the forest. Superb.

Also graphically the title of Ember Lab touches dizzying heights. The “cartoon” style is so well detailed to be able to return one curious sensation halfway between reality and animation which we are certainly not used to. Even the most insignificant elements are treated, and everything flows light and fluid. Some partially hidden distant glimpses show a minor detail, but we recognize that we have discovered them by adopting a scrupulousness not typical of the average player. The bright colors, reflections, lighting and shadows of the game are to be done drop your jaw. In fact it will be like playing a animated film inside a detailed painting.

The Rot united in their awakened form will act as an attacking “Aries”

Among the vastness of content in Kena: Bridge of Spirits that we have not mentioned there is also one Challenge mode. Exciting battles and quick target shots, which will represent pleasant distractions useful for unlocking several rare cosmetics. Kena’s skill tree instead, albeit limited, did not bother us at all. Especially given how pleasant it is already with what little it offers and that it constantly expands with renewed interest. Not quantity but quality from this point of view. The physical animations are excellent and varied, but we still noticed some details that could be improved.

The movements related to the combinations between light and heavy attacks for example are linked in hasty way among them, but just a few. On the technical front instead we have encountered some sporadic slowdownswhich, however it disappeared completely once DX12 was activated. A narrow handhold window on the ledges will require some precision not to fall into the void, while some rare out of place detail is visible in rare moments. Like between the subtitles of the dialogues, or an imprecise item in the skill menu. It comes anyway marginal details which do not affect the overall quality of the game at all.

Don’t worry, this is not the Rasengan


Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a special title, one of a kind. Be wary of lower scores that seek comparisons of technical perfection typical of productions with multimillion-dollar budgets. The work of the boys of Ember Lab it has fascinated, amazed and amazed us. We have rediscovered the pleasure of getting lost in nature. We smiled thanks to the Rot and felt emotions through the peaceful and compassionate gaze of our young spiritual guide. Everything is perfectly balanced (yes, as it should be).

You never get frustrated or bored. And everything is embellished with a satisfying level of challenge supported by a graphic sector from animated films. The news will arrive with perfect timing, expanding the gameplay and favoring a pleasant backtracking. Deep storytelling and artistic direction like few others we have seen. Except for some out of place details, Kena’s adventure will thrill you, making you happy with little. As long as you don’t have a heart of stone …

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