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On Canale 5 the concert – event: the classics of Festive music and a message of peace

December 22, 2022 at 08:32

Christmas Eve gives us an unmissable event. It is broadcast on Canale 5 “Il Volo – Christmas in Jerusalem”: the perfect opportunity to see the three great voices sing the greatest classics of the Holidays in a magical context, that of the Holy City in Israel. «It is a place where different religions, cultures and languages ​​meet» explains Gianluca Ginoble «you realize how different people are in dedicating their lives to spirituality». Their stage will be located exactly under the Tower of David, at the gates of the historic part of the city, a place where great events of great artistic and cultural importance are held. It will therefore be a visually suggestive place, among other things full of decorative evening projections with images inspired by the stories of the Bible.

With Il Volo we will then find the musical accompaniment of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Franciacorta. The training of musicians has also recently worked alongside Renato Zero and has a long experience both in performing Christmas classics and in enhancing the great pop hits. During the evening, whose lineup is still top secret, there will certainly be space for the original repertoire of the three artists. The only certainty for now is their latest single, which is actually a cover, “Happy Xmas (War is over)”, an unforgettable song by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, a tribute to the fans and which carries a message about a sadly current topic. “It’s a song from 1971, published then to launch a message of peace against the Vietnam war,” the boys say. «Today, despite more than 50 years having passed, the madness of war continues to be part of our world. As Christmas approaches, we feel even more the desire to sing and continue to give life and strength to this song, an eternal hymn to peace”.

The trio is not new to Christmas carols. Nine years ago, in fact, he published “Buon Natale – The Christmas album”, which collects the great Christmas classics in Italian, English and German. We are sure that the evening will draw a lot from their great success. «We have chosen to face such an important experience in a moment of greater awareness of what we do and of our strongest maturity» says Piero Barone «and we hope to transfer the emotions we felt during the journey we made some time ago to preparation for this concert.

The moment is very important, also because, as guests of Silvia Toffanin’s “Verissimo” recently revealed, the boys went through a moment of crisis some time ago. In fact, Ignazio Boschetto revealed that he had distanced himself from the group for a while. But by talking to each other and clarifying each other, the three artists have found their balance. And now they are more united than ever, ready to let us experience the Christmas atmosphere with an extraordinary concert.

“Il Volo – Natale a Gerusalemme”, on Christmas Eve on Canale 5 | TV Smiles and Songs