I allow myself to bring twenty

Most of us are at the gates of returning to day to day, to the working day, the comings and goings of schools, traffic jams, the reunion of friends and colleagues, the gym to reduce the excesses of beers on the terraces… In addition , possibly, after the rest days we will arrive tired of restingwith an overdose of laziness important even for ourselves, I mean, to go back to being the diligent person that only a few weeks ago we seemed to be.

In addition, it is possible and logical that during these summer days you have disconnected and do not know some real news that sooner or later will affect you as a Christian -although now you do not give importance to it because you see it far away, as happened with abortion, the laws homosexualists and the ideologization of gender in schools and society. But just look at this couple of news items to warm up your engines: Attacks on tabernacles are increasing, which in addition to offending the Lord, shows that those who hate Him believe in Him, and we should do it too, believe in Him. The rosary will be considered an offensive weapon and showing it in public will be an act of hatred for non-believing society, in the United States, but you know, it is the country of ideas…

For all this, the return to the routine entails back to coherencemore than likely case that it has been almost abandoned on the beach, the mountain or the cruise ship… We know that the encounter with each one of us is total, and that it tends to perfection, when through our interior circulates the meaning of life, the commitment of faith and our social and family references are real. Precisely for this I allow myself to bring 25 practical tips to re-Christianize the worldthat a well-known Argentine promotes in his country and that I consider highly exportable to the entire world, and to Spain for more than obvious reasons.

Is about very practical ideas that can help to live with more intensity the presence of God on a daily basis in our lives: our family, work or social life; In addition to being well taken, they can even be fun. Nevertheless, we catholic christians cannot act as hammers of heretics and although we can -but we must not- impose our beliefs on others, these suggestions must be put into practice with prudence, with personal responsibility, among other things because none of them are obligations (remember, rather they are tricks to help us be better Christians):

1. Say gracealso when we eat away from home or with friends and it is convenient.

2. Put a image of the Virginon the front of your house.

3. Write about what you know, with christian sense.

4. At the restaurant, ask the waiter on Fridays (especially during Lent) what withdrawal dishes he recommends you. Perhaps this will lead us to explain what the question is about and do him a favor.

5. Remember the kiosk on your street that the law prohibits displaying pornographic magazines.

6. If you have children of school age, do not limit yourself to asking the school to teach religion for your children: check what they are taught and protest -like any scammed consumer- if in reality what they do is give life advice away from the Gospel or the Bible.

7. If you are religious, a nun, a priest, etc., remember that habit is a testimonial sign. Possibly they look at you more on the street, even some badly, but religious work must be recognized, not go unnoticed.

8. Yes the newspaper subscriptionmagazine, digital channel, cinema platforms, etc., does not provide coherence to what you and your family want to experience, cancel, don’t let your pulse tremble, you will be one less family to manipulate.

9. Value yourself: write to the editor of the newspaper and suggest that they include the moral rating of movies of TV.

10. Proudly display your family numerous or very numerous, and ask your friends and acquaintances, somewhat disconsolate, if they have not managed to have more than the couple.

11. If you are a priest, spend as many hours a day as you can in the confessional. If you’re not, spend five minutes a week in the confessional.

12. Don’t say “hello”, say “goodbye”. Don’t say “thank goodness”, say “thank God”. Don’t say “maybe”, say “God willing”.

13. dare to praise before your friends virtues that have made you grow such as holy purity, bodily mortification, virginity or obedience to the Pope, and leave your complexes aside.

14. In Christmas put a tree at home, but don’t suppress the Nativity scene. Let’s rescue the Christmas with a Birth, and forget the stamps with cheesy and cellulite children playing with the snow.

fifteen. In summercover the embarrassments on the beach and already put, better yet, spend the summer in the mountains.

16. Don’t hang a fang or whatever around your neck. On the day of your funeral you will verify that a medal-scapular it is much more practical.

17. Do not waste your time watching how an egg is cooked. Take advantage of the time, because a soft-boiled egg will be at its point in the time of a Credo. Recommend tricks like this!

18. review the catechism with your children, it will also come in handy for you.

19. down the streetwith your girlfriend, go hand in hand, and give her a scarf if she “is cold”.

20. With the same ease with which you quote Mohammed, Gandhi or Martin Luther King and show your high intellectual leveltry the Epistle to the Philippians, the Gospel of Saint Matthew or Saint Cyril of Jerusalem… your friends will freak out!

twenty-one. Don’t give away the best selling book without first checking that it’s not rubbish that contradicts your beliefs. Better look for a classic work of spirituality.

22. get used to it: the priest is not Paco or Manolo, but Christ. He shows veneration to the priests, treating them as you.

23. You do well to take advantage of the blessings that the Church has planned for the good of all: in San Antón, take your dog and cat; in San Cristóbal count on your car; and for Easter your house. And of course, make it known to your friends.

24. Smile. A joyful Christian enlightens the world around him. We have plenty of reasons to do so.

25. Finally: don’t complain about the world you live in. Do something to improve it, surely you have the tools to do it.

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I allow myself to bring twenty-five practical tips to re-Christianize the world, which a well-known Argentine promotes in his country and which I consider super exportable to Spain and the whole world