“The Church does not bring together only perfect people”: the end

As every year, Bishop Rey will celebrate midnight mass in the Sainte Baume grotto, before leading the mass on December 25 in Notre-Dame-de-la-Seds cathedral in Toulon. On Christmas Eve, the bishop of Fréjus-Toulon gave us an interview. With Argentina world champion, Francis is a happy pope. Can this joy reflect on the church? First of … Read more

Osane, prepares to bring joy to shelters and hospitals in Mérida

MÉRIDA.- Ready all, redouble your efforts, it will soon be Christmas Eve and the next day Christmas. For this reason the Santa’s Workshop from osane Last details for these December holidays. They are not things that we wrap, they are gestures of love and generosity, we are not just people who prepare gifts, we are … Read more

“Avatar 2”: “Titanic”, “Tarzan”… These scenes from “The Way of Water” that will bring back memories

It’s finally the big day! This Wednesday, December 14, 2022, the second film in the science fiction saga Avatar is finally projected in dark rooms. Since 2009, the public has been waiting for the sequel to the great 3D adventure thought up and designed by James Cameron. The first film was very inventive in many … Read more

[Homenaje] Hernán Ortega Parada: Thinking and writing will bring pleasure and pain

On Saturday, November 19, after the funeral rites, after having said goodbye to my dear friend at the cinerary portal, where the last propitiatory fire awaited him, I returned to his house in Olmué, where we toasted the gods of the word, auguring a luminous reception in the nameless place. By Edmund Moure Rojas Posted … Read more

Feng shui bedroom color in 2023: how to bring auspiciousness to your home and balance energy flows

Good for some, bad for others, the year 2022 slips away from the calendar and hope settles there with the year of the Water Rabbit which is an auspicious sign. Against a material world is opposed the tendency towards a harmonious life. In seeking the spiritual calm which is the key to success in all … Read more

“What is interesting is to bring the culture of Sufism into the agora”

Met at the 15th Festival of Fez of Sufi culture, its president, Faouzi Skali, also an anthropologist, reveals the particularities of this edition which continues until October 29. The opportunity for the president who describes Sufism as a civilizational matrix to highlight the contribution of this great event to this spiritual city. All while expressing … Read more

Emma Dante, the director of women: “Sisters, prostitutes, victims of the mafia: I bring heroines and martyrs to the theater”

Ducks, or rather hens that lay golden eggs and “find themselves on the throne as queens”, and Carmelite nuns who end up on the gallows “so as not to face a world without grates”. Prostitutes who decide to raise Arturo, “the son of violence and orphan because the mother dies in childbirth” and blackcaps, those … Read more

Venezuela Poetry Festival will bring together 35 international poets

The sector vice president of Communication, Culture and Tourism of Venezuela, Freddy Ñáñez, announced this Wednesday that the next 16th World Poetry Festival, based in that South American country, will bring together 35 poets from some 30 nations. READ ALSO: President of Venezuela receives Foreign Minister of Colombia During a press conference offered by members … Read more

Quantum Code: the rest of the series hopes to bring Scott Bakula back (and we want to believe it)

Scott Bakula has already said no following Quantum Code but his showrunner still hopes that the comedian will save the series and bring fans back. Ambitious project or risky crash, the cult series Quantum Code just resurrected on NBC. Thirty years after its last episode, the adventures of Dr. Sam Beckett finally have a sequel … Read more

American Express will bring together 18 of the best chefs from Mexico and the world at Hokol Vuh

Imagine taking out of their kitchens 18 of the best chefs in Mexico and the world to put them together to create, based on Mayan ingredients and gastronomic techniques, a great unprecedented banquet that transports diners to the great era of this ancient culture, with its stories, mysticism, legends, but, above all, its flavors. Well, … Read more