Giorgia Meloni, her sister Arianna: “You and I are one person, when we fought over a boy …”

«Let’s immediately dispel a false myth: Giorgia and I have never been from Lazio. We have always supported Rome. At home only mom is white and blue. And now my daughters are because my husband, Francesco Lollobrigida, is very much from Lazio. But we are convinced Giallorossi ». The beginnings together in the Garbatella section, sleepless nights, tears on the sofa watching romantic films and laughter. And then again the films, the books and the political battles. Arianna Meloni (47) talks about the private side of the new government leader.

Arianna, is it true that you are Giorgia’s only advisor?
“I’m not the only one but I hope to be one of the most important (laughs): I’m the one who calls first, whatever happens”.

Seen from the outside, you and Giorgia seem like one.
«I confess: we did the DNA test and we were identical. That is, two homozygous twins ».

How did you feel on Sunday night after the exit polls?
“My wrists are still shaking. Because we know that this is not an arrival point: Giorgia has not arrived, it is just another beginning ».

And what did he tell her?
“I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. No words were needed: we both know the sacrifices you made to make Italy change your mind ».

How is your sister in private?
«It’s Giorgia who makes the imitations, jokes, evenings laughing with friends. She that she goes out in pajamas to accompany you to the ER. An exceptional woman and mother: simple and humble, who is dead tired while she returns from rallies she finds time to chat on the phone to comfort me. You to me. I always repeat: if people really knew what it really is, everyone would vote for it ».

On a public level, does the very sanguine Meloni seem to have given way to a more thoughtful and staid version?
«Giorgia has a lot of spirituality. She takes things to heart and fights. Let’s say that now you are used to the insults and things that are often mounted on you and reacts differently ».

An advantage of Giorgia?
“One? He has millions of them. He is the person who has the greatest capacity for analysis and synthesis. Unlikely to be wrong, he is always very lucid when he analyzes a fact. She is generous, humble and always with her feet on the ground ».

But will it have any flaws?
“He’s too much of a perfectionist. If you miss a verb or a term in English he gets angry and corrects you ».

And why are you fighting?
“Yup. But I must also say that she is the only one who makes me shut up. And I am a hyena, if I take it … ».

And what else are you fighting over?
“When I was little it was a continuum. For a dress or for spaces ».

And for a boy?
«In the seventh grade (she sighs, ed) I started with a boy she liked. But the next day she didn’t like her anymore. ‘

At Garbatella they still remind you all as the militants always in the area.
«It is so. We have been doing politics for 30 years. We started when I was 17 and she was 15 and a half. Those were the times of Tangentopoli, of the Falcone and Borsellino massacres. We wanted to change things. One day while we were returning from shopping Giorgia said to mom: “Leave me here”. It was the headquarters of the Front in via Guendalina Borghese, a few steps from our house. You looked up the number in the phone book. ‘

And she?
“I arrived shortly after. You see, I dropped out of school to work. We weren’t doing well and no one ever gave us anything. Do you think Giorgia speaks excellent English, Spanish and French but no one in the house has ever made her study it. In short, these were not the times when one could afford to go abroad to study them ».

She stayed behind the scenes.
“Because I’m shy. Giorgia is too, but she had an impact with this thing and launched herself ».

But are you only talking about politics?
“No, like every woman we talk about clothes, make-up, diets.”

“Lots of them. My mother’s house is full of books. ‘

Do you watch more movies or TV series?
“Is indifferent. But we are very radical: either love movies that make us cry and dream or horror thrillers while we eat potato chips on the sofa ».

«Risiko or burraco. And she never wants to lose. ”

Giorgia Meloni, her sister Arianna: “You and I are one person, when we fought over a boy …”