MEXICO CITY — Adanowsky lives his resurrection with a concert and new music, including his single “Todo es Perfecto” released Thursday.

The Franco-Mexican musician Adán Jodorowsky has had several pseudonyms and artistic characters throughout his career, El Ídolo, Amador, Ada, are some, but of all the one that most identifies him is Adanowsky.

“I stopped calling myself Adanowsky for a long time,” he said. “I was very off for many years. For four years I was producing people, I was very successful as a producer”.

Among the musicians he has produced are Bandalos Chinos, Daniela Spalla, León Larregui, Natalia Lafourcade, Mon Laferte, Caloncho and David Aguilar.

“But I felt somehow dying, although I was very happy that the others were successful, I felt myself fading, I was fading little by little,” he said.

Last weekend he performed before a full house at the Blackberry Auditorium in Mexico City, where people cheered him on. For the musician, the concert was unique, because in his words it was the “resurrection of Adanowsky”.

“Now Adanowsky is exploring the personalities of Adán Jodorowsky. Adan Jodorowsky is the character now,” he noted.

It was not easy to get the presentation. In addition to the usual challenges that a concert entails, Adanowsky had prepared a wrestling number and invited various performers, including Aguilar and Spalla, as well as a clown and midget entertainers.

But what he never imagined is that his writer and actor brother Cristóbal would die a few days before. Some even doubted if he would cancel the concert. However, Adanowsky managed to make a moving tribute and also give time for enjoyment during the recital attended by his actor’s half-brother Brontis and his nephews Dante and Damián.

“It wasn’t easy at all,” Adanowsky said. “My voice didn’t come out… I was about to cry, that was very difficult, then it was very difficult for me to return to a happier song, but at one point I did concentrate and I think I managed to recover by the end and finish the show how it had to end”.

At the concert, Adanowsky dedicated to his brother the song “Let me cry” that Cristóbal performs in the film “Santa Sangre” (1989) by the Jodorowsky patriarch, film director, playwright and tarot reader Alejandro Jodorowsky. Adanowsky also acts in the film as a child.

“It was the first song I learned with my brother and I dedicated it to him,” said the musician. At the concert the public also applauded Cristóbal.

His most recent release “Todo Es Perfecto” is a song with a positive message. “It talks about trusting who you are,” she explained.

At first he didn’t think it was going to be a single, but his whole team liked it and so he decided to release it.

Adanowsky will present one new song per month until January, when he plans to release his new album.

“I am happy with that album”, he pointed out about the production that he defined as music that he would listen to.

“I listen to my classical music records, movie soundtracks, I do like to listen to those, instrumental music, but when I hear my voice, my lyrics, it’s so intimate that… it makes me sad,” he explained.

“Everything is perfect” is accompanied by a video in which he appears reading a book in his living room. The book is not visible. “It is a concept that now they are not going to realize why it is a concept, but when the album comes out, yes, there are clues.”

Releases of his album, which will include songs in English and Spanish, began last month with “You Want To Give Up,” the video for which was shot in Paris on an iPhone and stars his niece Iris and her ex-boyfriend.

Adanoswky was born in that city. His mother, actress Valérie Trumblay -also known as Valérie Jodorowsky- was born in Mexico to German and English parents, while Alejandro Jodorowsky is Chilean from a Ukrainian family. Adanowsky is currently very happy living in Mexico again.

“Mexico is incredible, it is one of the best countries to live in,” he said. “I tried to live in New York, in Los Angeles, in Buenos Aires, in Paris, in Madrid… it’s quiet here, they leave us alone, the temperature is ideal, the food is incredible, the people are friendly, they say yes to all”.

Another thing that Adanowsky likes, who like his father does tarot readings and psychomagic sessions, is Mexican spirituality.

“It’s totally normal in a taxi to talk about spirituality, or about magic and ghosts,” he said. “You do that in Paris and they take you for a madman, because they are all Cartesian.”

Franco-Mexican musician Adanowsky lives his resurrection