Horoscope: which Sign is waiting for your phone call?

ARIES – Someone from Sagittarius is waiting for your call! It could be a foreign person, whom you haven’t heard or seen for some time and would have many things to tell you. Or she is a dear friend who has asked you to organize a trip together, to discover new exotic locations that allow both of you to disconnect from the usual everyday life. Don’t hesitate and call!

BULL – An impatient Scorpio is waiting for your call and, as always, you’re giving him time to make countless mental movies wondering why you haven’t dialed his number on the phone yet. A smart strategy, if you don’t feel like calling him yet, could be to text him to postpone your chat, especially if you have to talk about money.

TWINS – You know very well that someone from the Sign of Libra is waiting for your phone call, but you get lost in your many commitments and haven’t found the time to call yet. Don’t make yourself want too much, especially if you like it. Remember that Libras are always surrounded by many suitors and the fact that they choose you should be flattery. Arm yourself with kindness and use your phone!

CANCER – If you’ve made a telephone appointment with someone from Virgo, know that they will certainly have marked it in their diary and expect you to be punctual. This could be family business or private matters. If you need to talk about the sale of a property, before calling, make sure you have the papers and documents at hand that you might need during your conversation.

LION – It’s really a person of your same sign who is waiting for your phone call. Even though you both like attention, neither of you have a problem taking the first step towards each other, especially if you’ve developed an attraction. However, you may also have to make this call to your daughter, to propose to do something together or simply to tell her that you love her.

VIRGIN – When you make a telephone appointment, you go haywire if it is not respected. That’s why you are committed to being punctual. He is a Taurus who is waiting for a phone call and will surely appreciate your reliability. Together you can discuss practical matters, but this time you have other more interesting, ephemeral and somewhat spiritual subjects to talk about. You understand each other very well.

WEIGHT SCALE – It’s natural for you to spend a lot of time on the phone and it can happen that sometimes you forget to call someone simply for superficial distractions. However, there is someone from Pisces who is intrepidly waiting for your phone call, especially if it concerns professional matters. Don’t procrastinate for long or you’ll have to hear his endless but justified complaints.

SCORPIO – There is someone born under the Sign of Aquarius who has been waiting for a phone call for some time. He will never give you the satisfaction of soliciting, also because it probably isn’t as urgent as you think. It is important that you make this call because there are family matters you should discuss. Furthermore, he could also give you very valuable advice regarding a property.

SAGITTARIUS – You like spending a lot of time on the phone and you usually don’t let yourself be desired when it comes to chatting happily about any topic. However, there is someone from Capricorn who is waiting for a phone call from you and it could be quite unpleasant economic reasons. Remember that, when it comes to money or material goods, with Capricorn there is little to joke about.

CAPRICORN – Someone from Gemini is waiting for a phone call. In reality, it could be more of a hope than an expectation, especially if she is someone you have been dealing with for a long time and there is something unfinished between you. You are not a person of many words, but sometimes you should make an extra effort if you want to recover relationships that have been important in your life.

AQUARIUM – You are the typical person who says he will call tomorrow, where “tomorrow” means an indefinite day that may never manifest itself. A close Aries friend is waiting for you to call her to tell her about your latest adventures. Don’t let too much time pass and have fun with those who are always ready to laugh and joke with you. If you wait too long, Aries will call you.

FISH – Lost in the world of your dreams, you may have forgotten that there is someone born under the Sign of Cancer waiting for your call. This could be someone you’ve just started flirting with and is trying to figure out if you really care about them. He considers that he is one of the few Signs who can be really sweet and sensitive like you.

Horoscope: which Sign is waiting for your phone call?