Christian Gálvez fulfills his dream with Patricia Pardo with a well

Christian Gálvez, is living a happiest moment with his partner, Cristina Pardo. His program, ’25 words’, grows little by little in audience and every time it “reaches more people” as he himself has highlighted on his social networks. Christian Gálvez’s space is the leader of its broadcast slot in commercial target and in audiences between 13 and 54 years old, but what is the secret of his success? The presenter of the program answers that and other questions.

Although he doesn’t know what the secret to the success of ’25 words’ is, Christian Gálvez points out that daily work has a lot to do with it: “We don’t know what the secret is, that’s the magic of television. That’s why we never stop giving our best.” Every day there are more contestants who sign up for the casting of ’25 words’ and Christian Gálvez wanted to have a few words for those people who have not yet dared to do so: “Come and have fun, you are going to find a family”, declares.

“There is a lot of money at stake and in the end you come to fulfill illusions and dreams, so what better way to do it than with us?” says the presenter, appealing to future contestants.

In addition, their relationship Patricia Pardo could not go better. The couple is happy and very much in love as they show on their social networks. So much so, that Christian has finally fulfilled one of his dreams and he has done it “with the best travel companion”. “When I first read “Trojan Horse” by JJ Benitez, I was 15 years old. It was without a doubt one of those books that changed my life, one of those that in one way or another encourages you to imagine new universes and want to tell your own stories. Since that 1995 I had wanted to travel to Jerusalem and be able to enjoy a piece of homemade bread in its streets. It has been a long time, but I knew that this trip would come one way or another. And it came when it had to come Now I am lucky and privileged to be able to say that I have savored its history, its culture, its spirituality, its differences, its religions, its past and its present… And I have made this journey together with the best travel companion. Thank you @ patriciapardo_tv for holding my hand and fulfilling a dream, for enjoying by my side and for the sparkle in your eyes seeing me savoring that magical place with you. Although I know that Magic, wherever it is, you always put it”, he wrote in your Instagram account.

A few words loaded with a message that Almudena Cid may not like… ‘Walking without toes’ is the title of the latest book by Almudena Cid in which, looking back after the most complicated year of her life due to her separation from Christian Gálvez, reveals “how it is possible to find strength where you did not believe and how sometimes you can rediscover yourself while trying to undo the knot that your life has become”. “Feeling devastated by a tsunami can be the best news, the opportunity to build again, but this time in another place and with better foundations,” she confesses. In the different interviews that she has given so far to promote her book, the former gymnast has had no problem talking about her marriage with the presenter, acknowledging that “I idealized what I thought was that relationship” and accusing her ex-husband of having it. “It confused me and everyone around me” when he left her: “It was like a bomb. My life had blown up. I found myself devastated.”

“It has been the worst year of my life, but writing has served me as therapy, to organize myself, put things in their place and many other things. These are experiences that usually happen, but you also have to know how to overcome it. It affected me even as soon as to the physical situation because I lost many kilos, I don’t want to see myself like this again. You have to eat, sleep and breathe”, he assured Cadena Ser, where he spoke of how important it has been to write ‘Walk without toes’ to be able to overcome their break up.

Christian Gálvez fulfills his dream with Patricia Pardo with a well-known zasca to Almudena Cid: “He arrived when he had to arrive”