Ce. “The AORN enhances the path of Perinatal Hospice”. Inauguration for 23 September

Article published on: 09/19/2022 15:13:48

This is the press release of the AORN:

“The AORN” Sant’Anna and San Sebastiano “of Caserta strengthens the path of the Perinatale Hospice. Appointment, on September 23, with the inauguration of the comfort care room and a specialized training course on the management of pathological pregnancies.

The National Relief and High Specialization Hospital “Sant’Anna e San Sebastiano” of Caserta, with the collaboration of the Il Cuore in una Goccia Onlus Foundation, is about to give a decisive boost to the project for the construction of the first Perinatal Hospice of Southern Italy, for the construction – reads the note – of an integrated clinical-care pathway aimed at pregnancies with prenatal pathologies, on the model of that adopted by the Gemelli University Hospital in Rome. Friday 23 September, 9 am, in the presence of the Bishop of Caserta, Msgr. Pietro Lagnese, and of the Company Management, the AORN “Sant’Anna e San Sebastiano” will inaugurate the comfort care room, set up in the premises of the complex Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with specialized equipment, furnishings and pictorial humanization, donated to the ‘Hospital from the Il Cuore in una Goccia Onlus Foundation. It is a comfortable, reserved, protected environment, in which the visual-emotional aspect is also appropriately enhanced, a room in which to welcome families with children burdened by prenatal pathologies, a space where each element is designed to convey tranquility and guarantee the contact, the closeness with the little patient. At the same time, the training course on the theme “The Perinatal Hospice model. Pathways of assistance and accompaniment of pathological pregnancies and pre- and postnatal therapeutic developments ”, organized with the aim of encouraging specialist professional growth in the field. The planned interventions will focus on invasive and non-invasive fetal therapies, pre and postnatal palliative care, experimental therapies, procedures and techniques offered by science in the sector. They will illustrate in detail what a perinatal hospice is and how it operates, highlighting the type of assistance it aims to guarantee: global, holistic assistance to women, couples, families, who in pregnancy collide with a prenatal diagnosis of pathology of your child; assistance which, in the pre and post natal phase, is of a specialized multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary medical nature and, at the same time, supports the human-relational, psychological and spiritual aspects. The approach is solidarity. The mother, the family unit, are not alone, they are accompanied in the difficult path of the treatment of prenatal pathology with a hug that takes care of both the unborn child and the health of the mother and the family. The married perinatal hospice model – reads the note – AORN of Caserta therefore proposes itself as a reference center for the treatment, management, study and research on prenatal pathologies, but also as a place of hope for fragile or unwanted pregnancies, not necessarily destined to terminate. Nourished the parterre of the speakers, including, for the AORN of Caserta: the Director of the UOC of Obstetrics and Gynecology – prof. Luigi Cobellis and the Director of the UOC of Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care – dr. Italo Bernardo, for the Il Cuore in una Goccia Onlus Foundation: the President – prof. Giuseppe Noia. Among the moderators, Dr. Antonino Puorto, former Head of Pediatrics at the ASL of Caserta. “


Ce. “The AORN enhances the path of Perinatal Hospice”. Inauguration for 23 September