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After more than a month of GF VIP 7, the time is ripe to conduct a first popularity test among the new Vippos. Who are the public’s favorite competitors? And which ones are struggling to win the hearts of viewers? Let’s find out what are the percentages of Big Brother Vip 2022/2023 survey what measure – competitor by competitor – the satisfaction rate of the new tenants of the house at the end of the eleventh seasonal episode, broadcast on Monday 25 October on Canale 5.

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023 survey: percentages today last hour

So far a woman stands out in the tastes of the public. At the command of the Big Brother Vip 2022/2023 survey launched by the grandefratello.forumfree site at the end of the last live broadcast there is always Nikita Pelizon, around which a solid fan base is being created, made up of viewers who appreciate the spirituality, sensitivity and open-mindedness shown in the dynamics of the last few weeks. The public rewards the Trieste-based model – recently seen at work as a competitor in another historic reality show, Beijing Express – after a very delicate episode for her, during which she told her story. difficult childhood, marked by the strict education of hers parents, who raised it according to the values ​​of the religion of the gods Jehovah’s Witnesses. Nikita, who during the last live broadcast received the pleasant surprise of a visit from her brother and sister, wins hands down GF VIP survey with an approval rate of over 27%, which makes it by far the most popular Vippo in the house. Behind her we find Giaele De Donà (9.79%) ed Elenoire Ferruzzi (7.7%), both protagonists of vitriolic moments in the episode. The Venetian model has reflected in the dynamics (to be honest very forced by the authors) between Antonino and Ginevra, renamed on the web Gintonic, finding herself stuck on the label of third wheel in a couple that in reality was never born. The Lgbtq + icon instead is seen with Attilio and Nikita, using strong tones and a little too over the top at the address of both.

Gf vip poll – Nikita Pelizon is a favorite

Gf Vip 7 polls, who are the public’s favorites (Results and percentages)

And the other competitors? Behind the Pelizon-De Donà-Ferruzzi trio we find Daniele, Patricia, Antonino and Luca Salatino, all settled at around 6% of votes. About 5% of the users who participated in the Gf Vip 7 survey voted Attilio as their favorite, and then down to the less appreciated Vppos such as Amaurys Perez, Wilma Goich and Charlie Gnocchi who – evidently – have not yet managed to break through in the hearts of viewers.

Here are the detailed results of the Big Brother Vip 7 survey which asked users: “Who is your favorite?”

Big Brother Vip Poll 7 - The ranking of favorite competitors

Big Brother Vip Poll 7 – The ranking of favorite competitors

Big Brother Vip 7 survey, Nikita wins hands down on the web • IMTV