Big Brother Vip 7 survey, Nikita wins hands down on the web • IMTV

After more than a month of GF VIP 7, the time is ripe to conduct a first popularity test among the new Vippos. Who are the public’s favorite competitors? And which ones are struggling to win the hearts of viewers? Let’s find out what are the percentages of Big Brother Vip 2022/2023 survey what measure … Read more

Father Pawel Sawiak: Blaming everything bad on Satan allows some to wash their hands

“In many cases, what we attribute to an evil spirit as personal evil is due to our history, condition, mechanisms.” “You are not a pawn on God’s chessboard” warns the Polish priest Paweł Sawiak, a well-known author of books on spirituality, at the beginning of his interview with the magazine Gość of Poland, landing some … Read more

Why do teenagers often hold their books in their hands in US films and series?


In movies and series, it’s cute when two people jostle in the hallways, drop their books and help each other pick them up. But why wasn’t all this mess in a backpack? Thank you the locker, but it may also be because of the killings in schools. Have you ever wondered why teenagers in American … Read more

“Your heart and your soul, in our hands”


The spiritualism and natural therapies say goodbye today to the Miramar Palace in Donostia after having returned after two years of hiatus due to the pandemic. Parapsychologists, mediums, writers, psychiatrists, philosophers, theologians, historians, spiritual healers, clairvoyants and other professionals help to find answers to many questions about life and death, as well as to learn … Read more