Are you looking for an original plan in Madrid? this is your list

Do you feel like planning around Madrid, but want something different? We leave you here some of the most original plans to do in the city.

Restaurants, cinemas, museums and a wide variety of leisure activities will get you out of your routine and discover new places.

Gastronomy in a chapel

Gastronomy in a chapel / CALUANA
Gastronomy in a chapel |CALUANA

Can you imagine being able to enjoy a food inside a chapel? Caluana offers you this opportunity. This restaurant is located in Sol and in it you can enjoy a gastronomic journey between Italy and Spain divided into three floors.

In the first one is El Olivar, where is the chapel that was part of the old ‘Temple of Santa Cruz’another one is El Invernadero, a quiet and welcoming space, and finally there is Maldita Gioconda, a 16th-century canteen set up as a cocktail bar and which, moreover, is connected to some Civil War tunnels.

An old cinema converted into a bar

An old cinema converted into a bar / SALA EQUIS
An old cinema converted into a bar |EQUIS ROOM

You have probably passed by Duque de Alba street many times and never noticed that one of the most emblematic places in Madrid is located there. In the heart of La Latina is the aold Cine Alba, which was a room X, converted into a bar called Sala Equis.

This place offers the opportunity to enjoy the cinema in a more relaxed way, in such a way that you can eat or drink something while you are watching a movie. In addition, you can also enjoy concerts, exhibitions, video art festivals and short films.

The museum of sweets and candies

The museum of sweets and candies / SWEET SPACE
The museum of sweets and candies |SWEET SPACE

Go on an adventure of interactive tasting at Sweet Space Museum, a unique space full of experiences where you will generate a connection through colors, smells and flavors. This place is in the ABC Serrano shopping center and is designed by artists such as Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, Okuda San Miguel, Inés Valls, Ivanna Gautier and Antonyo Marest.

The museum is based on a journey through different interactive rooms and also has a store where you can eat all kinds of sweets. This entrance is free and it is not necessary to go through the museum to access it.

The English Court of the future

The building of Wow / EDITORIAL
The English Court of the future |DRAFTING

Surely you have ever wondered what the future would be like, WOW Concept brings you the first shopping mall in which your shopping experience will change completely. This place is located in Gran Via and captures the ‘phygital’ concept, which is based on mixing the digital with the physical.

You may think that this shopping center is like any other, but it has nothing to do with it, since all its floors are themed and dedicated to a specific product. In addition, a peculiarity that this place has is that as you enter it you will be received several giant sculptures and, in the fitting rooms, you will be able to use the smart mirrors that will provide you with information about the garments.

Egypt in Madrid

Sunset at the Temple of Debod / TELEMADRID
Egypt in Madrid |TELEMADRID

The Temple of Debod It is one of the most visited and well-known places in Madrid, but what not everyone knows is that inside it is a piece of ancient egypt. This Egyptian temple is dedicated to Amun and Isis and has two floors where you can see a multitude of authentic hieroglyphics from 185 BC

In addition, there is a model of what the original temple was like, several real ancient pieces, explanatory posters of the hieroglyphs and an explanatory film. Your entry is free from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions / MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS
Museum of Illusions |MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS

Dare to delve into the world of illusions through Museum of Illusions, a place where you won’t believe your eyes. This place is located near Tirso de Molina and is made up of a space for tours that delve into the world of optical illusions through holograms, tricks and games.

It is divided into several rooms and among them the Ames Room, the Inclined Room, the Infinite Room, the Inverted Room and the Vortex Tunnel stand out. In addition, also there is a game room where you can exercise your brain with many activities.

virtual reality experience

Virtual reality experience / OASIS VR EXPERINCE
virtual reality experience |OASIS VR EXPERIENCE

Oasis VR Experiencelocated in San Sebastián de los Reyes, is the largest virtual reality center in Madrid where you can play more than 20 activities in 300 square meters. Sessions can be held either multiplayer modelike single player and you can change your experience at any time.

Eleven Assassin, Phasmophobia, Among us vr, Playstation VR Experience and ultra-realistic virtual reality driving simulator are some of the many experiences what this place offers.

ax throw

Ax Throw / THE HATCH
ax throw |THE HATCH

The Hack of Madrid it is the perfect place to play ax throwing, a very famous activity in countries like France and Canada. This room is located near the Menéndez Pelayo metro and in it they will teach you how to manage technique and shooting distance.

The activity lasts between 1 and 2 hours in which you will test a custom ax panel and perform a wide variety of mini games and tournamentssuch as competing with other participants, scoring points and even splitting an orange in half.

Painting, wine and fun

Painting, wine and fun / WINE GOGH
Painting, wine and fun |WINE GOGH

Do you dare to create your own neon painting while enjoying unlimited wine? Wine Gogh It is a space dedicated to all lovers of painting and wine who want to enjoy a fun time with good music.

In this two and a half hour class you will be able to disconnect from the routine and express yourself through painting while drinking wine. At first glance it will look like a normal painting, but when the light goes out everything will change. In addition, at the end of the session you can take your own masterpiece home.

Japanese garden

Japanese Garden / WIKIPEDIA
Japanese garden |Wikipedia

If what you are looking for is a quiet place where you can relax and enjoy a few minutes of peace, the Japanese garden in Madrid is the perfect place for it. This site is dedicated to spirituality and aesthetics, where shapes and colors come together to create balance.

It is located in the Parque Jardín de la Vega and is set from a detailed study of the traditions of the land. In it you will find a exact replica of the Peace Bellthe Bonsai Museum with more than 300 specimens and traditional elements such as stones, water, bamboo and black pine.

Are you looking for an original plan in Madrid? this is your list