‘Peluchín’ patches up Ricardo Morán for making fun of God: “Respect those who do believe and have faith”

During the edition of this Thursday, June 30, Rodrigo Gonzalez lashed out Ricardo Moran and it is that according to the jury of ‘Yo Soy’, life with God is shit***. As a result of these statements, Morán became a trend on social networks where he was reproached by hundreds of netizens, some even accused him of committing blasphemy.

“Life with God is shit…, instead, life with the devil is being Mick Jagger, life with the devil is being Karol G, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Rihanna (…)”Moran said on his podcast.

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What did Rodrigo González say about Ricardo Morán?

Facing it, ‘Toddler’ He was not silent and pointed out that the producer should respect people’s faith and beliefs. In addition, he pointed out that no matter how much they coincide in the same community, he does not identify himself or share his statements.

“The funniest thing is that he thinks he’s saying something brilliant. Really, he is willing to be the new Madonna lorcha, he wants to do something like that, transgressor, irreverent, I’m going to say this about God. I find it very sensitive to talk about religious issues publicly, religion is better to leave it as each one wants to live it and the best way to show what you are made of is not comparing what is better, if it is better to be agnostic, to be a believer, but to be a good person. Being a good person is the best of religions, not harming others.” commented at the beginning.

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“If you are agnostic, respect (is needed). (…) you have been in the same school as me, we are both ex-students of the Immaculate and we have been raised in a Jesuit school, if you have decided, over time you have questioned things and decided not to believe, you respect yourself, but you have to respect others, those who do believe, those who have faith, those who have found any type of religion to be better people. Spirituality, which has nothing to do with the rest”, he added.

“When you become a parent, you usually improve as a person, I imagine. If the animal makes us better people, imagine the children, right? Imagine having a child, it must be something better. Ever since Morán became a father, I see him facing a fifties crisis. I see Morán declaring and I do not identify or share. I mark my line completely, I demarcate myself, I detach myself. When I see these things and these types of statements I say: the concept of avant-garde gay of him is a bit eighties. To think that with that you are going to set the prairie on fire or you are going to change some type of mentality, I think that the only thing you are doing is gaining more detractors. That is why lately you are deleting comments on your Instagram because people are lowering their finger (Morán), just like Adolfo. That is the result of coming out of the closet very late combined with a crisis of the fifties, that is what is happening to Adolfo and Ricardo Morán”, sentenced Rodrigo Gonzalez during his Willax TV show.


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‘Peluchín’ patches up Ricardo Morán for making fun of God: “Respect those who do believe and have faith”