“Animal”, a song about empowerment by Daniella de Luca

Daniella De Luca talks about female empowerment in her latest single, “Animal.”

Photo: Courtesy: Daniella De Luca Press

the colombian artist Daniella De Luca presents his most recent musical work titled “Animal” a song that marks a new beginning in his artistic career with a commitment to Latin Rock Pop.

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In this new production Daniella mixes retro musical elements such as Synths eighties with beats current, electric guitars and a strong voice with imposing rock overtones that make this new song an amazing experience that together with its lyrics that talk about the different phases that a woman lives in the process of empowerment is a fascinating mix that undoubtedly leaves you surprised to each of his followers.

Daniella, after a process of introspection, returns to the musical scene inspired by nature, the mystical and the retro, she makes a difference with her irreverent attitude and her versatility, as well as the taste for Rock and Roll that characterizes her and a spirituality that prints in his musical style.

Animal” is accompanied by an official video that can be enjoyed on the artist’s official YouTube channel, it was made in the municipality of Pacho, Cundinamarca, under the direction of Cristallo Films, a production company created and led by Daisy Ramirez, Colombian film director who currently resides in New York.

Together with her team, she brought to life the visual history of “Animal” who sought to capture on the screen the essence of the song and also of the Daniella through each element that appears in the video clip.

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Daniella De Luca talks about this new single and working for the first time with a team full of women.

How was the songwriting process for “Animal”?

Writing this song allowed me to be more empowered about my creativity than before, I feel like maybe being young had allowed me to be influenced by other people’s opinions on what I had to do musically, and it’s not bad, to a certain extent.

Due to things in life and a divine synchronicity that I still can’t explain, I made this song in 2021 and then a team of incredible female producers appeared with whom I had the opportunity to work for the first time.

It was an experience that my soul was looking for, you don’t see many women in the industry who work in this area and this project came about with them, precisely a song that talks about female empowerment.

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I worked with four female producers this year at Memophonic Studio, the main producer was Diana Chica, there was also Juana Garavito and Anamaría Laroc, who is another great singer.

And well, we started to create this project with all the love and all the magic, it was two years full of introspection, of finding the ‘animal’ that is in me.

How did this group of women reach you?

I started playing again in 2021 and Juanita started working with me, we knew each other from a music academy where we both attended; she was my guitarist and thanks to her I was able to meet the other girls, and we all connected from the first moment.

The music video was directed by a Colombian visual filmmaker, Margarita Ramírez. When I presented the song to him, he fell in love with it and immediately got the idea of ​​how to do it.

We recorded everything in Pacho, Cundinamarca and the feminine energy was always very present, I am not saying that I have not worked with men on the project, I did, and everything was wonderful.

Do you plan on continuing to work with a team of women for future projects?

Yes, it is something that I have contemplated, next year working again with Diana. Now, she is living in Miami, so she would be taking some trips to continue working.

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How has it been for you to be a representative of the Rock genre in Colombia?

I love rock, I feel that this type of music saved my life, and it is a genre that may not have many followers in Colombia, but it does have its ‘niche’.

There is an important rock scene in the country and I think that with this type of music, people consider that men are the only ones who like it and being a woman, representative of the genre, is something very important.

Rock was my channel of emotions as a teenager, so I’m honored to be able to continue leaving his name high.

How do you develop in your songwriting process?

I really like calm and silence, I feel that they are two very powerful components from which the best ideas are born. I don’t have a routine as such, but, for me, the most important thing is to be calm and relaxed.

You have some previous projects on television, do you plan to resume your career on the small screen?

My main focus at the moment is music, but I am not closed to the possibility of working for television again; I would love to do more acting projects in theater.

What do you think empowers a group of women?

I believe that the love that one has for oneself is related to knowing that light and that shadow that each one possesses. I think that what empowers women is learning to love that darkness, that part that we may not like so much, that insecurity, and also love it as that good part that we have.

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Something that empowers a woman is showing vulnerability and allowing herself to feel every feeling, always.

What or who brings out that ‘animal’ spirit in you?

Love, definitely.

“Animal”, a song about empowerment by Daniella de Luca