Anata Andino and Carnaval de Oruro will be seen in Argentina through a photographic exhibition

La Paz, Jan 29, 2023 (ATB Digital). – From February 1 to 28, 20 photographs will be exhibited that will demonstrate the cultural richness of Bolivia in the photographic art exhibition called “Bolivia a country of parties” that will present the Anata Andino and the dances of the Oruro Carnival, in Jujuy Argentina.

These artistic exhibitions will be at the Centro de Arte Joven Andino “CAJA” and have the support of the Bolivian Consulate in Argentina. This exhibition will be held in commemoration of the Carnival celebrations and has the objective of showing the cultural diversity of the festivities in Bolivia.

The photographs were taken by Angie Salgar Caballero, who for five years attended these festivities to capture the magical cultural moments.

“I am taking an exhibition of photographs that are from the Oruro Carnival and the Andean Anata, this series has cost me documenting during five years of photographic work and research on what our dances and traditions are,” Salgar told the ABI.

He stressed that the Anata Andino is familiar to him because from childhood, young people and the elderly dance in the community, starting agricultural activities in the rainy season and which is celebrated on a Thursday before Carnival.

“In the city of Oruro, three festive spaces converge. During the Jallupacha or rainy season, the festival of the Virgen de la Candelaria, the Carnival and the Andean Anata, it is a unique cultural and historical configuration in which the worldview of the original Uru, Quechua and Aymara indigenous nations and peoples survives together with to the Catholic traditions implanted during the colony”, highlighted the photographer.

Meanwhile, he pointed out that the Oruro Carnival shows a series of dances in devotion to the Virgen del Socavón.

“In the Carnival of Oruro, every year and during two days of entry, more than 28,000 dancers and 10,000 musicians participate in more than fifty fraternities, those that in ten hours of pilgrimage cover eight kilometers in full view of forty-five thousand viewers,” he explained.

He pointed out that his admiration for Bolivian culture and dances arose in his childhood when he accompanied his native mother, who is from the capital of Bolivian folklore, to see his grandparents who participated in the Anata Andino.

“The passion for these festivities arose from my grandparents, with my mom we used to go to see my grandparents dance, my aunt and later in the years, working in the Bolivia brand awaits you, is that it internalized me much more and I love the culture” , he detailed.

He stressed that this series of photographs was also part of the sample that was presented to Unesco for the Carnival to be declared Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, highlighting its cultural, folkloric and tourist significance.

This exhibition narrates through the lens of the Bolivian photographer a journey through the festivities highlighting faces, joy, diversity of dances, musical instruments, clothing, spirituality and religiosity.

Admission to this activity will be free and will also include a live dance demonstration that will be performed by Bolivian residents in Argentina.

The Andean Youth Art Center “CAJA” will open its doors reaffirming the union of the two countries (Argentina-Bolivia) in terms of the dissemination of culture and the richness of its dances.

Angie Salgar Caballero, is from La Paz, studied communication art and cinema in Bolivia and Argentina, specializing in the direction of Photography.

He completed a specialization at the Cochabamba film school “La Fabrica”, his film thesis being the film Who killed the white llama.

She taught at the Hernando Siles National Academy of Fine Arts in La Paz and at several universities, she is the founder of the photographic collective Fotógrafos Con Altura.

His works have been part of the folders sent to Unesco to achieve the title of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity to the Carnival of Oruro, Alasita and Gran Poder.


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Anata Andino and Carnaval de Oruro will be seen in Argentina through a photographic exhibition