Anata Andino and Carnaval de Oruro will be seen in Argentina through a photographic exhibition

La Paz, Jan 29, 2023 (ATB Digital). – From February 1 to 28, 20 photographs will be exhibited that will demonstrate the cultural richness of Bolivia in the photographic art exhibition called “Bolivia a country of parties” that will present the Anata Andino and the dances of the Oruro Carnival, in Jujuy Argentina. These artistic … Read more

The École française de Rome hosts the photographic exhibition: “Shared Sacred Places”

The exhibition offers the visitor a journey of exploration of the Mediterranean which touches various places of worship. It is a smaller version than the original, accepted in previous years by some of the world’s most important museums. Dionigi Albera, one of the curators: we would like to bring the fullest version to the capital … Read more

Photographic book – Patrick Gilliéron Lopreno gives “U

– Patrick Gilliéron Lopreno gives “U-Turn” The album completes a triptych. It is a pamphlet against the announced catastrophe. The print run was limited to 200 copies. Posted today at 8:30 p.m. One of the photos, presented without location or caption. Patrick Gilliéron Lopreno. It’s a UFO. “U-Turn” does not fall from the sky, however. … Read more

In Rome, a photographic exhibition on the Protection of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage

from Editorial board written on 10/29/2022, 12:31:01 Categories: Exhibitions / Subjects: Rome – Photography On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome and some libraries in Rome will host the Near / Far photographic exhibition. … Read more

“Religions without God” the photographic exhibition by Gianluigi Peps Sosio

In Bormio, from 5 July to 27 August, at the Civic Museum, the photographic exhibition of Gist partner Gianluigi Peps Sosio, journalist and photoreporter An exhibition born with a long journey made up of many journeys. A story that is born by telling other stories, other events. Crossing the African villages scattered in the equatorial … Read more