The risks of the limit

Commentary on the series Valientes

In the 21st century, the polysemic interaction of the public with the media system motivates accelerated changes. Through social networks, people become producers-broadcasters or consumers of shows of various formats, genres, narratives and aesthetics.

What is real is on the traditional screen, for the majority. It has to be true, believable, interesting. Otherwise, it does not communicate.

Aware of this panorama, the screenwriter Lil Romero and the director Heiking Hernández recreate in the series brave (CubavisionTuesday, 8:45 pm) the story of six university students who volunteered in an isolation center for contacts and suspects of covid-19.

The audiovisual production is based on chronicles of Mario Ernesto Almeida, a journalist today and then a student, which were published on the magazine’s social networks. Alma materin the Soul Log section.

This valuable dramaturgically complex material places conflicts that mark and drive the actions of the characters in the spotlight. They are placed on a kind of tightrope – the constant challenge of being in the red zone – young people capable of risking their lives to save others. None is more important than another, led in the story by a choral protagonist focused on the freedom to say and do even from anonymity.

However, each one has its own identity. The richness in the delineation of characters and attitudes seduces the family, the younger ones, while they offer banquets of emotions through a minimum of information.

The link between narration and artistic truth fosters a natural, spontaneous identification with Sergio, a journalist (Ángel Luis Montaner); Carlos, biologist (Franklin Ernesto López); Jonás, physicist (Ernesto Codner); Adriana, philologist (Daliana González); Marian, a chemist (Lorena Gispert) and Gregorio, a mathematician (Roberto Romero). They are true characters to the extent that they are poetic. The very assignment of roles from the respective specialties captivates, which allowed the scriptwriter to structure chapters designed to reach the soul of the audiences.

Screenwriter Lil Romero enriched the dramaturgy of Valientes through a valuable blog of the soul. / Yasset Llerena

Undoubtedly, the plot produces incidents –passage from happiness to misfortune–, agitation –goes from ignorance to knowledge– until it reaches catharsis –emotions and instructions. This approach identifies very well the concept of fable in bravesince it is the most important element of the show that we see on the screen without excluding lights, shadows, misunderstandings, anguish, loneliness.

Let us never forget, each cultural proposition chooses, within the intricate skein of the real, those edges or phenomena that it considers pertinent, in this there are inalienable rights of creation since time immemorial.

For this reason, the staging and the staging respond to the intimate longing for enjoyment and suffering with the same intensity. Doctors, doctors, patients, nurses, parents, girlfriends, relatives, reveal the interiors of infinite affective worlds. Some, others, make us know the human being better, enrich the power of observation in the face of the miseries and greatness of others.

The risks of the limit swarm everywhere in the narrative of the series. Without stridency, some situations alert, show danger. Sometimes they remember difficult moments while stimulating hope. They condition silences in moments of maximum stress and flashes of some light.

Apparently the production team did not conceive their project out of emotions, because life, the creative impetus, if they do not go through the shudder of emotion, turn out to be sterile, futile.

More than looking, you have to see scenes, sequences in depth, interpret dialogues, uneasiness, keep in mind the most difficult days of the epidemiological battle in Cuba.

the language of brave it also invites the vainglory of ellipsis, it tends to be substantiated in the relevance of what the reception theory has called empty spaces, these must be filled by audiences ready to enjoy learning with a wide-awake intellect and spirituality. Let’s think about this.

Taken from Bohemia

The risks of the limit