The Christian concert of the year arrives with Nico Montero, César Hidalgo and Antonio Mata

Nico Montero has a gold record, he has 17 albums, with well-known songs such as ‘Firm in Faith’, ‘The Lord is my pastor’ and ‘Busco algo más’

Cesar Hidalgo has triumphed with his four albums of varied themes and styles. Antonio Mata has become one of the singer-songwriters with the greatest projection on the current Christian music scene in Spain.

It will be the first major concert of Christian pop rock folk music that will host the mythical music hall that is the protagonist of Madrid nightlife and the benefits for the Art and Faith Association that seeks to “show the beauty of faith through the Fine Arts”.

Tickets on sale at until full capacity

The Galileo Room is one of the great musical temples of the Madrid nightlife through which great references such as Los Secretos, Antonio Vega, Pablo Carbonell, Kiko Veneno, Martirio, Ismael Serrano, Pancho have passed -and continue to pass- since it opened in 1985. Céspedes, Hilario Camacho, Luis Pastor, Pedro Guerra, El Cigala, Miguel Ríos, De Vuelta, among many others.

Now, this Saturday, November 19, the Hall will live a new milestone by hosting one of the great Christian music concerts of the year in Spain. three legends such as Nico Montero, Cesar Hidalgo and the singer-songwriter Antonio Mata, as a guest artist, will allow you to enjoy not only the spirituality of their lyrics and music, but also an unforgettable moment in which humor, the desire to live and, of course, will not be lacking. to bring the attendees closer to God through all kinds of folk, rock, pop, singer-songwriter music, accompanied by one of the best Spanish bands on our current scene. And all for charitable purposes.

Music that lives what it sings

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated artists will be Nico Montero, perhaps the Christian singer with the greatest international projection With a 30-year career on stage, 17 discsone of gold after distributing more than 100,000 copies, six musicals, more than a thousand concerts… Composer and singer of well-known songs such as ‘The Lord is my shepherd’, ‘Firm in Faith’, ‘Go and make disciples’ or ‘I’m looking for something else’, besides your ‘Dare yourself’ of his new album presented a few months ago. “It will be a very special concert, with an optimistic repertoire, very strong… because music has a lot of power, it is capable of changing people, encouraging them, comforting them and making them change for the better. It is music that lives what it sings; So surely those who attend will enjoy a great concert from which they will leave with a big smile, desire to live intensely”, he highlights while recalling the importance of participating -even contributing to the ‘zero row’- for a solidary purpose as is the association ‘Art and faith’.

Nico Montero

Next to him will be the so often Cesar HildagoWithout a doubt, one of the most listened to Christian singers on the current folk rock scene with albums like ‘Una misa para el siglo XXI’, his ‘Alma Guerrera’, ‘Corazón de Folk Rock’ or his recent ‘Paso a Paso’. “All the arts are roads that take us to heaven, but music is a highway,” he recalls, paraphrasing a well-known phrase. And he advances that the concert will not leave you indifferent “with many different styles, but the same charitable purpose that will make the people have a great time, enjoy a special day whose memory we hope will last forever”.

Cesar Hidalgo

To complete the cast of legends, they will be accompanied, as a guest artist, by the singer-songwriter and pianist Antonio Matawho has stood out for his music offering intimate, fundamental, profound experiences… with lyrics that “are not written with more purpose than to show the world what God can do in the life of a man, how he can change everything, illuminate every corner with a new light”, he emphasizes while recalling that his songs are “shreds of life” that seek to “share that vital experience so that others can discover that Mystery of Love that surrounds us, which is our horizon and our destiny”. .

Antonio Mata

For the benefit of Art and Faith

The concert will have a solidarity end. Specifically, the profits will go to Art and Faith Associationfounded, in 2018, to “encourage, promote and disseminate Sacred Art and religious Art, in any of its manifestations, in order to show the beauty of faith to the man and woman of the 21st century”, explains its president María Diufaín who highlights the good reception of this initiative that allows “stimulating the creation of new work and showing it through recitals, concerts, exhibitions, virtual exhibitions, book presentations, … etc. And make it possible for artists to embark on collaborations and projects that give great glory to God. Promoting, fostering and disseminating sacred art and religious art”.

A good example is his next multidisciplinary, virtual exhibition, ‘roads of hope’, with more than 30 contemporary artists from seven different disciplines: painting, sculpture, illustration, iconography, photography, poetry and music.

TAKE NOTE: The concert will be in the room Galileo Galilei, from Madrid, on Saturday, November 19 at 9:00 p.m. Admission costs €15 and can be obtained online through this link.

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The Christian concert of the year arrives with Nico Montero, César Hidalgo and Antonio Mata