The best movies of 2022

Just as Variety made its list of worst movies and here at ZelebTV we dedicate its space to it, we also give it room for list of best movies of this 2022 which is about to finish elaborated by The Hollywood Reporter.

By the way, within this list, we find that there is a title that is among the worst, according to Variety. In the end, it’s all a matter of criteria…

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Here is the selection made by The Hollywood Reporter taking into account the evaluations of four of its critics, david rooney, Sheri Linden, Lovia Gyarkye, and Jon Frost.

Ten masterpieces? Who knows…

Banshees by Inisherin

The British film directed by Martin McDonagh (who also doubles as a screenwriter) has caught on with critics. From The Hollywood Reporter they talk about “his most emotionally resonant worka tongue-in-cheek exploration of Irish isolation that plays out like a two man civil war“.

And they add: “The impeccable set is headed by the protagonists of Hiding in Bruges (2008) -also a work by the Anglo-Irish filmmaker-, Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleesonin a melancholic duet about a lifelong friendship abruptly broken that is darkly hilarious until its humor veers into pathos.”

Decision to Leave

From Europe to Asia to raise the altars to the latest Korean film parking chan wook: Decision to Leave. According to critics, “in its elegant surface, the masterful romantic thriller by Park Chan-wook could subdue the erotic charge of his latest feature film, The maiden (T.he Handmaiden) (2016)“. But this heady encounter between a sleepless detective and an enigmatic murder suspect, played with simmering conflict by the magnetic Park Hae-il and Tang Wei, respectively, is full of sensuality and longingfusing the seductive currents of the cool ‘neo-noir’ with the stormy peaks of a very melodramatic story“.


Third movie, third continent. This time we finally moved to USAbecause the hollywood cinema it has also had titles among the best of 2022, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Of this drama with music as the protagonist, highlights the role of Cate Blanchett as an internationally renowned conductor (Lydia Tár) who tries to find and record Mahler’s symphony in the most precise way to bring it to the pinnacle of her career, doing so with the obsessive accuracy“.

But “caustic character study by todd field” -for his first film in 16 years-, they point out, “contextualizes that jagged portrait within a provocative consideration of the dynamics of power, celebrity, and ruthless, joyous privilegeand the breakdown of self control“.


We’re back in the UK for this 1990s teen drama directed by charlotte wells. Of her, The Hollywood Reporter says: “In terms of tangible plot incidents, relatively little happens in Charlotte Wells’ impressive piece of memoir. A woman (Sophie) in her early 30s recalls a summer vacation on the Turkish coast she took with her father 20 years ago, when she was on the verge of self-discovery and he did not quite hide a heavy veil of melancholy. . But the luminous intimacy of the drama, tenderly and accurately observed, is powerfully movinglike the interpretations subtly revealing of a heartbreaking Paul Mescal and the talented young man Frankie Corio“.

To the Bones: Bones and All

We discussed it before. While for the critic of Variety Owen Gleiberman It has been one of the worst films of the year 2022, in The Hollywood Reporter they include it among the 10 best: “It seems inconceivable that the bloody odyssey of two young cannibalistic lovers who travel through Central America in the 80s could be one of the most exuberant romantic experiences on any screen this year.

Words of praise to which they add that “Luca Guadagnino finds the beating heart drenched in terror in this dark and poetic dream. of a movie, and through the exquisitely tough yet brittle performances of Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet, which compresses a world of liberation. A life-changing connection in a heady summer.”


A polish film sneaks into the best of the year 2022 for The Hollywood Reporter. It’s about the love EOby Jerzy Skolimowskiabout which they comment that “taking inspiration from Randomly, Balthazar by Robert Bresonbut trading the lofty spirituality of the 1966 classic for earthier empathy, the compact miracle of this Jerzy Skolimowski film offers us an unfazed donkey’s insight into human cruelty, punctuated by occasional reprieves of transcendent compassion. With its long stretches of silent reflection and haunting images that pierce the soulhas been the purest and most hypnotic cinematic shot of the year”.

All The Beauty and the Bloodshed

Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival and winner of another good collection of awards, the American magazine also places it among the great titles of the year: “With sensitivity, suspense and as much narrative urgency as any fiction feature film in 2022, the inquisitive documentary by Laura Poitras analyze frankly life on the edge of photographer Nan Goldinthe raw immediacy of his art that captures American subcultures, and the passionate commitment of his activismhelping to tear down the Big Pharma monolith that had so marked his family.”

Armageddon Time

Nothing to do with any apocalypse. The movie tells us about social classes, elitism and racism that existed in certain educational establishments in the 80s of the last century in the United States. As they point out from The Hollywood Reporter, “James Gray’s most personal film revisits his childhood in the 1980s, in Queens, to show us a family memory steeped in corrosive regreta grim reflection on white privilege in an America shaped by the rise of Reagan and Trump“.

“The emotional performance of Banks Repeat is flanked by the incisive work of Jeremy Strong and Anne Hathaway like liberal parents whose blind spots amplify their faults toward their African-American friend, imbued with grief for jaylin webb. Anthony Hopkins He brings restraint, wisdom, and a deep vein of pain as the child’s beloved grandfather.

The Inspection

Another film about prejudice towards those who are different, in this case with the homosexuality as a recurring theme and United States Army as the context where the story moves. “Training camp drama can be a minefield of clichésbut Elegance Brattonin her intensely moving and lyrical narrative debut, artfully dodges those pitfalls with an unguarded autobiography,” says The Hollywood Reporter.

“In a fiercely revolutionary performance, Jeremy Pope nothing is saved, playing a character drawn from the director’s experience as a black man queer determined to prove to his homophobic religious mother, a revealing Gabrielle Unionand to himself that he can reverse the downward trajectory of his life by become a marine“, they conclude.

We finished the list in Ireland, with the director Colm Bairead and his movie The Quiet Girl. “There were countless more ambitious movies this year, but few that achieved everything they set out to do as unerringly and satisfactorily as the sweet drama in irish by Colm Bairéad about an abandoned child sent to spend a transformative summer with distant relatives whose kindness is not tempered by his grief. Directed by superbly intuitive performance of the newcomer Catherine Clinchis a absolute gemdeceptively modest but brimming with delicate sentiment”, they highlight.

Other lists from The Hollywood Reporter

To this list highlighted by the magazine, signed by the critic david rooneywe could also add the particular lists that they have also made Sheri Linden, Lovia Gyarkye, and Jon Frost:

Thus, the latter Jon Frost Place the films that for him have been the best of 2022 in this order (from best to least best): TÁR, A beautiful morning Armageddon Time, The cathedral, The event, To the Bones: Bone and All, The Inspection, Saint Omer, Benediction and All the Beauty and the Bloodshed.

In the case of Lovia Gyarkye, the best have been Saint Omer, Lingui: sacred ties, Aftersun, Everything everywhere at the same time, All the Beauty and the BloodshedThe Eternal Daughter, False guilty, Decision to Leave, Riotsville: USA and TÁR.

‘The Cathedral’, by Ricky D’Ambrose.

And finally, Sheri Linden puts on the table like the great movies of 2022 All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, EO, TÁR, The Cathedral, Murina, Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues, The Eternal Daughter, after sun, Armageddon Time Y Two seasons.

As in everything, and seeing the differences in criteria of the different critics, there is no better way to assess them than to do it ourselves. Of course, there is this interesting guide with films that, surely, in some cases we had not even heard of. Let’s go for more good cinema in 2023!


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