Thalía continues to sweep; she is his #1 fan

Since he started his solo career in 1990, the name of Thalia has been synonymous with empowerment, wasting a sensuality and security, and continues to be more relevant than ever, inspiring thousands of fans, men, women and members of the community. LGBTQ+ that year after year have found their own strength and voice in the singer’s messages and lyrics.

A) Yes, hits What sweeping, Who cares? Y I don’t rememberhave become hymns for their thalifamiliato which members continue to join, which gives the star the tools and energy to continue creating.

I have followers who are already a thalifamilia for a long time and that we have carried the flag of love, of being authentic, of being yourself without having to apologize for who you are and loving ourselves for who we are and that is what we have built hand in hand over the years .

And the truth is that they give me a lot of energy and strength to rewrite my ideas, learn new things and throw myself into things that scare me, but because of them they make me want to go out and do it, so it’s a very nice relationship that we have a lot of mutual feedback”, highlighted Thalía, who has also conquered new generations through TikTok, where she shares dynamics with her fans every day full of dances and positive thoughts; Her virality exploded through her video “Are you there, my lives?”

What is it that triggers the diva to continue finding the strength and encouragement to believe in herself and in what she does over time? The answer is herself, however, it is not a matter of ego, but of learning, since she assures that life has taught her that the only key to being happy is to be your own fan, the number one .

You have to be your own fan club, your own cheerleader and your own engine because if you don’t do it, who will? You have to do it yourself, look in the mirror and say nice things to yourself, eat healthy things, do things that nourish you, that make you feel good, exercise, take care of your mind, have a close and beautiful relationship with your ‘I’, full of spirituality and gratitude.

I believe that all these things are what make up that strength to always be able to continue on your feet and also to know that every day gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself and rewrite your story, your character, your life, and what you have accumulated to date. keep what works for you, discard what does not and always learn new things ”, prescribed the extimbiriche.

Your formula seems to be giving results, because the 51-year-old singer lives a dream life with her husband Tommy Mottolawith whom he shares two children while continuing to nurture his passion with music.

Although in fact, he was not born knowing the secret and he did not build that strength from nothing, because there is a woman to whom he owes everything, being his greatest example to follow: his mother.

I believe that my inspiration will always remain my mother Yolanda Miranda, period. She is a spectacular woman, out of the ordinary, totally progressive and the truth is that she is that little voice, that constant that tells me: ‘Let’s see, daughter, come on! Get up! Go ahead! Very good! You can!’.

And with that teaching also that he gave me to always remember where you come from, because that is your essence and it is what allows you to be happy wherever you go, ”the Mexican shared with emotion.

With her feet on the ground, but sure of what she has achieved and what remains to be achieved, Thalia she will continue to focus on growing her musical legacy and this year she closes it with the launch of her easy Psycho B**chtheme and video already available on platforms.

A song with which you expect your followers can dance and have fun this end of the yearanticipating that the next one will come with many new surprises for them.

There are a lot of very exciting things coming up, but for now I hope they release that psycho b**ch that they carry inside and let themselves go with this song, that they vibrate it, that they dance to it, that they share it and have an incredible time with it because it is made with a lot of love and passion for all of you. Many blessings for this Christmas-New Year! ”, she expressed.

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Thalía continues to sweep; she is his #1 fan