Urban arts

Neither seen nor known, it is both an exhibition of artists of different genres in a small town that wants to offer young people an exhibition that speaks to them. This is how Holy Hamond, singer from Chartres defines the spirit of the temporary exhibitions she has been organizing for nearly a year.

“I thought I’d stop after the last exhibition, but Populiis, a Chartres artist and former skateboard trader, suggested some lesser-known artists in Chartres. They correspond perfectly to the spirit that we want to convey. All eleven artists exhibited will highlight a diversity of works that go well together for an edition under the sign of anti-heroes. »

Holy Hamond presenting some works during the second temporary exhibition. Photo archives: Thomas Desprez – L’Echo Républicain.

A heterogeneity of works whose main subject will be centered, as in the last exhibitions, around urban arts, from music to graphic works.

“One of the objectives is to inspire young people in the sharing of art and transmission. »

Holy Hamond (Singer and organizer of Ni vu niconnu)

Five local artists at the exhibition Neither seen nor known, in Chartres

A participative musical spirit

Different artists will liven up the weekend musically. Jas Walker, accompanied by his guitar and his cajon, “will open the ball with soft and intergenerational music”.

Neither seen nor known: During the last ephemeral exhibition, Holy Hamond, Lapin Kevin Picol, Populiis, CVZ were among others present. Photo: Th.D.

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Valentine Lambert (Chartraine who sang during the last edition of L’Paille à sons) for “the sweetness of her voice and her guitar” and her brother Hugo, as well as the organizer Holy Hamond will brighten the hearing of the public. The interludes between each group will be fueled by “La Boîte Noire Selekta” with hip-hop, jazz & soul. Rappers will also perform occasionally.

“The musical animation will change quickly in order to annoy no one and to keep the participative spirit of an open-mic. »

Holy Hamond (Singer and organizer of Ni vu niconnu)

amazing works

On the walls, Populiis will unveil some of its revisited skateboards as well as rings created from these skateboards. “He embodies the sharing and transmission of youth to a whole generation of Chartrains, claims Holy Hamond. We want to surprise visitors. »

Works by EZK were exhibited at the last pop-up exhibitions. Photo: Thomas Desprez.

For this, Kam Kam, Eurélienne passionate about oestology will display amazing works. Morgane from Studio MB, a Chartresian artist, will offer works between feminism and spirituality. Most of the other artists present are Breton and will submit works related to street art, including those of Simon Ruiz, who grew up in Chartres.

Easter weekend: come and see the ephemeral exhibition “Neither seen nor known” in Chartres

Prints will be offered for sale at low prices, canvases and other works at higher prices.

The Chartrain artist, Lapin, had made one of these graffiti live during the opening. Photo: Thomas Desprez.

A heterogeneous program “for the pleasure of everyone’s five senses” with the presence of the Very Superb to feed the hungriest. The event – seven and a half hours of musical performance and two days of exhibition – is sponsored by the Lions Club Chartres Jean-Moulin.

Practice. Free admission to Pitcher 3, 10 rue de l’Étroit degré. Tomorrow from 2 p.m. to 1 a.m., opening at 5.30 p.m. Sunday: 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Thomas Desprez

Urban arts – Chartres: what awaits you this weekend during the new ephemeral exhibition of Neither seen nor known