Jean Eddy, Falaise and Jean Anderson standing at Maison Dufort

Exhibition / “Nway kanpe” / 3rd edition

Jean Eddy, Falaise and Jean Anderson standing at Maison Dufort

From March 12 to 31, the works of three artists are available to visitors at Maison Dufort. Organized by AfricAméricA and Tamise in association with the Swiss Embassy in Haiti, this exhibition called “Nway Kanpe” celebrates the talents of the Village of Noailles through the artistic universe of three great figures of cut metal: Eddy Jean Rémy, Falaise Péralte and Jean Anderson Bellon. A quick tour of the gingerbread rooms on avenue du travail will not leave you indifferent.

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“Nway Kanpe! (Noailles standing!), such is the name chosen for this exhibition at Maison Dufort highlighting a selection of old and recent works by Eddy Jean Rémy, Anderson Bellony and Falaise Péralte. Presented in a retrospective format, the works of these three artists who emerged from the 2000s invite you to travel. Three individual exhibitions which would each deserve to be accompanied by a separate catalogue. At Maison Dufort, the visitor plunges his gaze into a diversified universe made of cut metal. He scans the works of these artists inspired by this former sugar plantation in Croix-des-Bouquets.

On the ground floor, pieces by Jean Eddy Rémy immobilize the gaze. The visitor’s eye lingers on expressions of spirituality and characters described by eyeballs. If you want to look at them too much to try to interpret and understand these pieces that “geometrize” space, suddenly, their attraction puts you in the orbit of an inner world. We still admire his piece Sous lavi 31″ x 18″ showing a mother with two faces. One face presents her three children and the other hidden showing her pain and her anxieties.

The artistic universe of the native of the old sugar plantation in Croix-des-Bouquets is unique. It’s a universe made of raw salvage. The viewer also contemplates his salvaged piece made of cut metal 34”x 15” called “rézistans” or that of “spirituality” 26″ x 34.5″ referring to the supernatural.

On the first floor, the works of Falaise Péralte, alongside those of Bellont, also impose themselves on the visitor’s eye. Any universe that can be transposed into the world of voodoo and mysticism: Saint-Jacques Majeur, Erzulie, Ogou enrich the work of Péralte. His 35″ x 14″ polyptych piece made up of several paintings is an invitation to the voodoo pantheon. “Pasasyon sen Nikola”, “Grosès sen Jak”, “Serenad premye novanm” house this inhabited room dialoguing with the visitor.

The visitor walks. He gradually enters the world of Jean Anderson Bellony. His pieces exhibited posthumously present the genius of this ougan brutally murdered on October 13, 2021. Guided by his inspiration shaped in contact with voodoo, Bellony offers a singular aesthetic that combines different techniques to stand out from other Noailles sculptors, create a work as mysterious as it is telling. A breathtaking work. The viewer soaks up the magic of his piece made of iron and bone. Let yourself be carried away by this Bossou 3 kòn 25″x 6″ x 53″ or his piece “Kafou” 14″ x 9″ x 20″ or even that of the balance of the world 24″ x 24″.

Bellony is an inhabited craftsman. To stand out from other sculptors, the one who grew up in the village of Noailles brings into his creation several unexpected elements that strike the imagination: timing chains, gasoline tanks for motorcycles, animal skull bones. The craftsman whose works are exhibited outside of Haiti also uses a spoon and a fork.

“Nway Kanpe aims globally to secure the existing places of creation and transmission in the artistic and craft community of the village of Noailles suffering from the insecurity caused by the vicinity of armed gangs, by raising awareness of local and national authorities and actions with immediate impact. on workshop income. It also proposes to fight against the impoverishment of the community of the artistic village of Noailles by the creation of the contemporary art collection of the Community Museum of Noailles and the implementation of a plea for the safeguard of the village”.

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Jean Eddy, Falaise and Jean Anderson standing at Maison Dufort