Four film directors from Jerez triumph on the same weekend

Sherry has become a perfect movie set as the setting for the story told. So it happens in ‘The summer we live’by Carlos Sedes, starring Blanca Suarez and Javier Rey. In another striking case, the city’s Alcázar serves to simulate other places such as magnanimous Alexandria, in the successful series ‘The Crown’. There are many striking examples, as much as there is talent from Jerez in the cinema. Some in front of the screens, like the great Gandiaa very bad villain from ‘La casa de papel’, played by the man from Jerez Jose Manuel Poga, also very bad in ‘The infinite trench’. Or the also actor Mauricio Moraleswhose portfolio includes, among others, the film ‘Bye’by Paco Cabezas.

However, this November and more specifically on the 12th and 13th, the Jerez film festival must applaud its filmmakers. Four of them have obtained awards in different competitions that elevate the talent of this land in the seventh art.

Dani Sanchez Lopez

His short documentary ‘Buddhistandqueer: From Sari to Habit’ won Best Documentary Short at LesGaiCineMad. In this way, the film enter directly to the candidacy for the Goya Awards of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain. The Jerez-born filmmaker himself shared the collection of the award and thanks to his entire team on his social media profiles.

The idea of ​​this project is to make visible and understand transgender reality, which is so peculiar in India, seasoned with dashes of humor. “For achieving that difficult balance between spirituality, activism and personal freedom. For that horizontal, clean and little paternalistic look”, were the words that the jury dedicated to him.

buddhistandqueer It is my tribute to all that India has given me. My gift has been to give visibility to one of the least known facets of the country, its modernity and complexity”, and added: “Just as feminism has opted for cinema made by women, the community+ should point out that glass ceiling that prevents that the stories of all the letters of the rainbow alphabet narrated through those same colors arrive,” said Sánchez López.

Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo

The Seville European Film Festival awarded the ASECAN Award for Best Film in the Official Section to ‘Seven Jereles’by Pedro G. Romero and Gonzalo García-Pelayo (1947) from Madrid by birth and from Jerez by adoption.

The prolific film director and music producer shot this film in Jerez. With it, he intends to turn 180 degrees to the topics of the tourists who come to the city, with horses, flamenco, singing… all in a dreamlike atmosphere and impossible sequence shots to show unique characters and a complex theme.

Paula Romero

This young woman from Jerez (1991) received the Rosario Valpuesta Award for Best Short Film in the Andalusian Panorama Section for her short documentary ‘Mothertruckers’, at the Seville European Film Festival. It is a totally project self financedwithout public or private support.

The film takes a different look at the underrepresented history of the women truckers. Set after Brexit and during the UK fuel and transport crisis, it deals with the conflict of being a woman in a male-dominated profession. Thus, it breaks with the stereotype that only men and lesbians are engaged in this profession.

The director and journalist from Jerez, who emigrated to England six years ago, combines author works with others for companies such as the BBC or Discovery Channel.

Juan Miguel del Castillo

The director from Jerez acknowledged being “very happy” after receiving this past Sunday andl Luz Award of the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festivalprize he shared with “all colleagues in the profession who face the difficult task of making films every day.”

With this award, the contest recognizes his career in which works such as ‘Roof and food’ (2016), which won more than 30 awards, including three Goya Award nominations; or your recent ‘The Turtle Maneuver’ (2022).

The filmmaker, who already has a wide track record, has focused his career as a director on social cinema “because it is what his heart asks for”.

Four film directors from Jerez triumph on the same weekend