How is Patricia Sarán today, the model of the iconic jeans advertising

Patricia Saran welcomes the almost 12,500 followers she has on Instagram with a photo of the years in which she became a sex symbols. However, in the course of the more than 1600 publications, the image that the social network returns is current, showing most of the time a woman with a washed face who does not confirm or deny the 61 years that is installed in the media. , is old.

who was the model of the iconic jeans propaganda “Jordache” in the late 1980s, in which she changed clothes in a hurry in an elevator, with a very close-up of her tail, is shown as a defender of the environment as well as animals.

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In times when it was still audacity such a display like that of the elevator, and the objectification of the woman’s body was not in debate, Patricia knew how to be one of the most mediatic women in Argentina. she worked with Gerardo SofovichHe had roles in soap operas and in the movies.

Patricia Sarán in the 90s, after her explosion of popularity after advertising jeans in an elevator.

Your body, always first. Now, without denying the past or giving up being a sexy woman, she aims for her head, what is inside her, to move forward. For in a way, too, demolish the myth of the “hollow blonde”a place where the circumstances and a parody that the actress Juana Molina made about her in her program “Juana y sus Hermanas” (the character was called Marcela Balsam) located her.

How is Patricia Sarán today: the former law student who now defends life

For anyone who has lived through the 1980s and 1990s, it is almost impossible detach Patricia Sarán from the model that from one day to the next was the cover of magazines and began to appear everywhere regardless of any other quality than his perfect body.

However, that girl who had started on TV as Gerardo Sofovich’s “secretary”, who chose her in a casting to which she had only gone to accompany a friend, was studying law at the El Salvador University (She is missing three subjects to be received as a lawyer). Soon the advertising of jeans came and her popularity took her to the top, even though her parents did not like that display.

How is Patricia Sarán today, the model of the iconic jeans advertising

In fact, his father went eight months without speaking to him and his uncle, who was a bishop of the Catholic Church, told everyone that Sarán was spelled differently, to deny that he was related to his niece. “My parents didn’t talk to you, they gave you orders. I think I did it (advertising) to break with that, ”he said in an interview some time ago.

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She was body and face in advertisements, as well as in the novel Aming you, with Arnaldo Andre, and in the movies, in Los Bañeros 2 and in Los Extermineitors 2. Like all fashion, at some point it passes. And although sometimes he returns, he does it in another way.

Y Patricia Sarán with the passage of time returned, looking to remove the label of the jean girl in the elevator. And she did not achieve it completely, because in the collective unconscious she was installed as that girl with extraordinary curves. Perhaps, in response, he chose the defense of nature, of species conservation, healthy food, meditation and yoga.

On her Instagram profile, her activity is “TV show”, and she presents herself in a diverse way that ranges from actress, to singer and artist. She is a vegetarian, an Osho reader and promotes the defense of green spacesof not invading the fresh air, which includes being publicly indignant with some neighboring real estate projects in his neighborhood, which have much more cement than his taste tolerates.

He had no children, although he did have long-term stable couples that also included a couple of divorces, the second very traumatic. Also had fleeting and popular romances, such as with Luis Miguel and Ricardo Arjona. Although in both cases they represent another stage of his life. The current she lives with too much spirituality to stay stuck in superficial memories.

How is Patricia Sarán today, the model of the iconic jeans advertising