Controversy in Big Brother 2022: Romina confessed that the production gave her information

The former deputy Romina Uhrig is one of the most popular participants of Big Brother 2022. With a strong personality, the little sister managed to conquer the hearts of thousands of fans of the most watched program on Argentine television. However, the young woman was left in the eye of the storm in the last hours due to a controversial revelation that she made inside the house.

Everything happened and it could be seen live when the young woman spoke with Juliet Poggio and Camila Lattanzio. Suddenly, he confessed that the production of the popular cycle that is broadcast on the Telefe screen had leaked information to him on a subject that is not understood in the conversation.

“Of those of the production they told me that the 20th remains of…”, Romina slips just before the transmission of Pluto TV, the platform in charge of transmitting Big Brother 24 hours a day, is cut off. The phrase of the former official legislator unleashed a wave of conspiracy theories and strong criticism of the cycle by viewers.

“It’s obvious that they recontra you fixed, they tell them everything in the confessional,” opined a user, outraged at Uhrig’s sayings. “And on top of that they cut off the transmission,” said another. “And they cut”, “Every day more trout”, “If she told Rabbit when she went to the confessional that she and Alfa are protected from production, put it as a joke”, “Romina saying that production gives her information? What is this?” Were other accusatory comments of being one of those protected by the producers.

The fury of Julieta from Big Brother 2022 against the AFIP

The hours go by, the days go by and time gets longer and longer in Big Brother. The Telefe reality show is going through turbulent times, with the splinters of the entry of new participants and the recent departure of Constance Romero, one of the strongest players. However, there are times when the tension drops and the little brothers lend themselves to more relaxed talks, in which the factions disperse and the exchange flows on the most varied topics.

Something like this happened in the garden of the house, when Juliet PoggioWalter Alfa Santiago and Nacho Castañares, who warned that when leaving the contest the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) was going to fall to them because they had been on television. The phrase, spoken in passing, caused a great impact on Julieta, who made an exclamation of complaint as if she were prior to a speech against the body in charge of tax collection.

Juliet's Fury from Big Brother 2022
Juliet’s Fury from Big Brother 2022

“AFIP is my worst nightmare. I don’t want to pay, it’s my job, why do I have to pay them? who the f… are they?” The actress pointed out angrily, while Alfa tried to distract her with some jokes and suggested that she offer herself as a promoter in the administration’s advertising campaigns.

But the young woman returned to the matter and continued with her speech. “The AFIP scares me, that they make me pay for things, don’t mess with me, it’s my money, it’s my job, what’s wrong with them? Thieves. Why do they have to do that? Is there an AFIP in the United States? “And the question fell like a glove to Alfa, who lived in Miami for a few years:” In the United States you don’t pay taxes and they put you in jail, “he said.

Why does there have to be that? Why do we have to give them money, for retirement? Julieta continued. “To maintain the country”, they answered almost in duet. “How do you think they make the streets, that they put traffic lights, lights that we all use?” Nacho replied, but Julieta continued with her complaint.

“If you made a hundred Lucas, you have to pay 35,000 pesos,” the young man exemplified, but he only made her angry. “I do not want to pay. It makes you angry, it’s your money, now we win Big Brother and you have to pay them,” he reasoned. “If you win, instead of 15 million you get 9 ″, explained Nacho, applying the proportional calculation on the announced amount of the prize and causing the last grumble of his partner.

Controversy in Big Brother 2022: Romina confessed that the production gave her information