Cats: more than pets, they are our guardians of spirituality

Since ancient times, cats have been considered magical animals. That is why in some mythologies, such as the Egyptian, they were worshiped as gods. That is due not only to his intelligence, but also to his protection skills and, not to our physicality but to our spirituality.

In the doctrine of Buddhism, these cats are believed to be beings of peace, harmony and spirituality. They even consider that cats have the ability to link the material world with the spiritual.

High sensory ability to perceive the environment

Being spiritual animals, cats are classified as beings with a high sensory capacity, capable of detecting things that humans cannot. Precisely for this reason they are considered magical and mysterious beings.

For example, the meow of a cat can mean more than a call for attention or a sign of need, although it may not seem like it, they may be warning about the presence of a negative aura in the environment. Therefore, their actions can predict adverse situations.

Have you ever noticed that a cat stares at the wall or settles in a specific place in the house without any explanation? That may be a sign that he has detected the presence of a spirit inside the house.

When they feel this type of presence, they can follow the spirit or ghost to know what their intentions are. If a negative force results, they will use their auric field to free the space of that bad energy. Such is their sensory power that they can capture that energy as if it were an object and discard it.

These cats have the ability to neutralize negative energy

They are not only capable of neutralizing evil spirits, but also the negative energy of our fellow human beings and even our own. That is why when a person with a negative vibration enters our house, they respond with antipathy.

They can even be surly with their owners, as long as they detect a fairly strong emotional charge caused by fear, sadness or hatred. To free them from that tension, they walk away for a few minutes, absorb that negative charge and then transform it into positive energy.

On the contrary, when they approach you and try to caress you, accept them, as they are sharing their positive energy with you. If you reject it, you block the astral force that they try to transmit to you. Consequently, you could prevent them from sharing their aura with you again.

Likewise, these felines can take advantage of the sleep of their masters to free them from the tension that they accumulate in their bodies. That’s why they need to stay close to you while you do it.

“The main reason is that the energy field of cats can harmonize at the same vibrational level as that of their owners, and in this way the transfer of energy that is required to fulfill their work is made possible,” they explain in meet again.

To release all that accumulated negative charge, cats need to rest, now do you understand why they sleep so much? Your work is strong. If they don’t, the energy load is stored as fat.

Cats protect our astral travel

As we pointed out, even when we sleep, cats do not stop taking care of us. They not only absorb our negative charge, in our astral travel they become spiritual guardians. They ensure that people return safely from their astral projections by driving away spirits that endanger their return to the physical world.

This particularity reminds us of the Mexican movie “Coco”, where some characters are accompanied by spiritual guides in the world of the dead. But, in the material world some alebrijes were represented as cats.

In that feature film, the spiritual guide of one of the characters (Mama Imelda) travels to the material world (Earth) in the form of a cat. In a certain way, they show the relationship that exists between cats and spirituality.

They have healing abilities

Cats are not only our guardians of spirituality, they have the ability to heal us. In what sense? They use their aura to treat the physical and emotional discomforts of their owners.

How can we get those benefits? Just caressing them. That will help us release emotional stress. In addition to this, it is believed that its purr is capable of calming our nervous system, as well as relieving the symptoms of depression and anxiety. In this regard, the veterinarian and executive director of the Humane Society of San Diego, USA, Gary Weitzman, says:

I believe that purring is of great benefit to humans. Apart from the physiological benefits, we have always responded to the psychological effects of purring. It calms us, it pleases us, it’s like watching the waves hitting the beach. We respond to a cat’s purr as a calming stimulus and we may even genetically have chosen cats more prone to purr.”

Cats were worshiped as gods

This spirituality that surrounds cats is not new, it comes from many years ago. In ancient Egypt, for example, they were worshiped as deities. The goddess Bastet was one of the most popular, she was represented as a cat-headed woman or as a black cat. And, she was a symbol of harmony and happiness.

Ancient Egypt: Hundreds of cats were mummified

Likewise, she was considered the protector of pregnant women and the guardian of childbirth. It was even believed that she had the power to ward off evil spirits. Such was her worship of cats, who were believed to be living gods. For this reason they lived in the temples and were worthy of sharing with pharaohs. In fact, many of them were mummified.

According to Egyptian mythology, Ra, the sun god, formed a group of nine united deities: Shu, Tefnut, Nut, Geb, Isis, Osiris, Nephthys, and Seth the Ennead, to travel to the underworld. Thus, he endowed himself with nine lives, one for each divinity. Hence, the belief that cats have 9 lives.

Chinese culture: watchmen of divine creation

According to Chinese legend, cats were appointed by the gods as guardians of the order of creation. Therefore, they gave him the gift of speech. However, when they had to give an account, they were lazy and relaxed, for which their powers were taken away and transferred to humans. However, man did not have the ability to understand the divine, in effect they were forced to be the guardians of time.

In other cultures they have also been considered sacred animals, such as in Norse and Japanese mythology. In the latter, supernatural powers were attributed to him: resurrecting the dead, mutating, flying, among others.

From what has been said, it follows that cats are a symbol of witchcraft. In fact, seers use it as an amulet to block bad energies. The truth here is that these cats have gone from being deities to pets. However, many consider that they fulfill a spiritual function in the home and that their energetic aura is so great that it is supreme.


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Cats: more than pets, they are our guardians of spirituality