Alberto Linero’s reaction when Juanpis González ate a host with arequipe

The reaction of the former priest Alberto Linero when Juanpis González ate a host to consecrate with arequipe. Photo: Instagram @plinero

Alberto Jose Linero Gomezknown as the Father Linerowent through the stage of The Juanpis Live Show to grant an interview to ‘Juanpis González’a character played by the comedian, Alejandro Riaño.

As is his usual style, ‘Juanpis González’ has no hair in his mouth to mention any subject, however sensitive it may be, to his guests. In this case, he received Linero – who retired from the priesthood in 2018 – asking him what he wanted to take. “Do you have wine to consecrate”, answered the samarium.

Indeed, González had wine to consecrate, but not only that, he also put on the table -among other things- some hosts to consecrate, which were not blessed.

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“And something that everyone has wanted to do, they are not blessed, but all their lives one has wanted to add Arequipe”

Subsequently, ‘Juanpis González’ began to spread arequipe on several of the hosts for consecration and offered a couple to Linero, who – laughing – categorically refused to eat them. González insisted that no one had given them a blessing and ate the hosts; The ex-cure immediately lowered his gaze and raised his left hand to his head: “I think this is going to end in an exorcism,” but his interviewer replied that he could no longer practice it, given his retirement like father.

Later, Riaño -in his character- asked the public: “Does anyone want wafers?”; and the now writer and lecturer made a gesture that they did not accept. However, after seeing that Juanpis continued to eat them and insisted that no one blessed them, Linero explained:

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“There’s nothing there, right? That’s a small wafer… no one is going to have faith problems, please… there’s no trouble (eat them with arequipe) because it’s not consecrated. There is no Eucharist, there is no community, there is nothing, there is no priest who exercises “.

On the other hand, once the interview about his life as a father began and after retirement, Alberto Linero wanted to share an anecdote that happened to him some time ago in Argentina, when he traveled to a soccer match between Boca Juniors and River Plate. While at La Bombonera (stadium), he saw a woman pass by whom he considered quite beautiful, which is why he wanted to compliment her without even imagining that the woman was Colombian and, furthermore, he recognized her as Father Linero.

“Then I said: I am going to give him a compliment. I’m not a guy, I think rude or anything, I said: wow, divine; something very soft and she turned around and told me: -Oh father, Linero, what a thrill!- and I said: Earth swallow me”.

In addition, the woman asked him to be photographed with her, her partner and her mother-in-law.

Leaving behind his practice as a priest, Alberto Linero currently has different facets; as mentioned, one of them is the writer: ‘Spirituality for humans’ is his most recent book. And, it goes without saying that, in a time dominated by social networks, samarium is also dedicated to creating content from his YouTube channel, for example, in which he shares videos talking about different topics such as love and happiness. .

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Alberto Linero’s reaction when Juanpis González ate a host with arequipe