The sequel to A Guy, A Girl, 25 Years Later

We will find the two characters, played by Guy A. Lepage and Sylvie Léonard, when their children are adults and the couple is bored in their too big suburban house. Guy and Sylvie will decide to sell it to return to settle in Montreal, which will push them to relearn how to live together, as when they started, and to tame the mores of the new generation.

The series will also reconnect with the characters of their entourage at the time, roles played by Martin Petit, Élise Guilbault, Pierre Lebeau, Mahée Paiement, Daniel Brière, Louise Richer and Geneviève Brouillette.

have something to say

Despite obvious public interest, Guy A. Lepage and Sylvie Léonard had always refused to resume the adventure ofA boy a girl unless you have something new to say. Now in their sixties, the actor and actress believe they have found their vein: what to do with the time they have left?

The approach of retirement and the departure of children from the family nest lead to a number of existential questions about the relationship to material goods, to spirituality, or even to the climatic emergency, according to the duo.

These are all subjects that are super inspiring, and we can confront them with the reactions of our children, who teach us a lessonexplains Guy A. Lepage, with a smirk.

Find Guy and Sylvie

Difficult, find the characters of Guy and Sylvie after a break of almost 20 years? Not at all, answer Guy A. Lepage and Sylvie Léonard with one voice. It really came back on its ownsay the actor and the actress in a press conference.

The two protagonists, just like the actor and actress from whom they are freely inspired, retain their good and less good character traits, bickering included. The couple is however more serene than before – both know each other banged with each otherfor better or for worse, suggests Guy A. Lepage.

Guy A. Lepage and Sylvie Léonard in a scene from the series “A guy, a girl”, September 23, 2000.

Photo: Avanti Cine Video

The aesthetic style of the series, with its sequence shots, its main characters on screen and its secondary characters off-screen, will also return. However, the narrative framework will be more fluid, extending beyond the sketches of a few minutes to which the public is accustomed.

For the moment, only four 30-minute episodes are planned. They will be premiered online on ICI Extra in 2023, before being broadcast on ICI Télé. No official release date has been announced at this time.

The series is written by Guy A. Lepage and co-directed by him and Jean-François Fontaine. It is produced by Mélanie Campeau, spouse of Guy A. Lepage and co-producer of the youth series Baby girl.

A boy a girl aired from 1997 to 2003, and is still shown as a revival to this day. Multi-award winning, the series has won a total of 24 Gemini and 6 Felix. It has also been adapted in 31 countries, becoming the most popular scripted format in the world.

The sequel to A Guy, A Girl, 25 Years Later