The search for love on the notes of Mirael

ROVIGO – The festival of San Bortolo ended on Sunday 28 August, the final event was the concert of the singer-songwriter Mirael.

The singer-songwriter from Ferrara took the stage of the 178th festival with songs from her album Feel the love. Accompanying the artist in this new stage of the Sentirelamoretour between Italian cities, two musicians from his band: the producer and musician from Rovigo at the piano Alberto Pivaarranger and pianist of the record, on guitar Mario Costanzi artistic director of the work and president of the Suonamidite Onlus Association with which the singer-songwriter collaborated to record the album.

Mirael defines herself as “a grain of sand in the sea of ​​Infinity. When Infinity sings, my listening becomes music”. This is how the songs she interpreted and composed in her music and lyrics were born. “There are strings of the soul that only music can touch, voids that only Love can fill” continues the singer.

This is the inspiration that led the author to share, in her album, 15 significant songs of her production that she offers an inner journey of the soul in search of love. A love with a capital A, immense, eternal, which reaches the folds of the intimate like nothing else can. The concert feeling love is a musical journey from pop to blues, from reggae to reggaeton through the orchestra and electronic sounds. A mix of very different rooms where the soul can finally rest, relax in beauty and even go back to dancing. An artistic and spiritual path, introspective and meaningful, which tackles the great themes of life in a contemporary pop style between biblical and philosophical references, existential thoughts and pearls of spirituality.

The program of “The theater are you”, on the penultimate evening of Saturday 27 August, saw the theatrical performance “A house of madmen” by the company La Moscheta from Colognola ai colli (Verona). A piece of theater that made us reflect on the theme of assistance to the mentally ill. A difficult representation, with dramatic accents that attracted the attention of the spectators. Some doubts among the public for the delicate theme brought to the stage. But this is the theater, this is life.

Last Thursday instead in San Bortolo an evening of children’s show for children. The review “The theater are you” set up the show of the first workshop 6-13 years old, the small company of I magici folletti, which was held from March to May. “Around the world in 80 days”, loosely based on the famous novel by Jules Verne, is the title of the performance. Before the show there was the awarding of the best postcards with the drawings and thoughts of the children, who during the summer festival participated in the initiative “A teatro con gatto Tomeo”: best illustration for Costanza Cavallaro (5 years old); best text composition for Davide Fratello (7 years old).

The show of “The magical elves” then filled up: many children present and many visitors to the neighborhood fair. The 15 skilled little actors, always directed by Irene Silvestri, brought to the stage the many stages of the journey of Mister Fogg and Passepartout around the world of the mid-nineteenth century, sharing with the audience the thousand meetings and the thousand adventures of the path.

The 15 elves are mainly from Rovigo and surroundings, with origins also from Occhiobello, Lendinara, Ficarolo and Villanova del Ghebbo and deserve a mention: Chiara Bettinelli, Orlando Biasioli, Federico Chieregato, Emma Giacometti, Agata Manzato, Anita Merlin (Premio Tomeo 2022, best female interpreter), Eleonora Moretti, Noemi Pellegrinelli, Carlo Pescarin, Caterina Rossi Patria, Emma Santagati, Vittorio Sapio, Vittoria Zanella, Lucrezia Zanirato.

The search for love on the notes of Mirael