The 6th edition of Éclat de Gloire keeps all its promises in Yamoussoukro!

The city of Yamoussoukro has experienced a particular effervescence in recent days with the organization of the 6th edition of Éclat de Gloire crowned by its prestigious ceremony of Praise and Christian Music Awards.

After the success of the organization of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Christian Music last year at the Anoumabo hall of the Palais de la Culture, Casimir Kouassi and his Com’Union Group team have chosen Yamoussoukro for the 2022 edition.

A total of 23 trophies were awarded during the Awards ceremony on Friday June 10 at the Félix Houphouët Boigny Foundation hall in the presence of the Prefect of Yamoussoukro, Brou Kouamé, the apostle Kpangui Bernard president of CNEPECI and the international icon of French-speaking Christian music, the pastor and cantor Marcel Boungou.

“Recognition of the purpose assigned to each existent in existence facilitates living together in perfect harmony with the nature of God. But the opposite becomes a disorder that promotes the loss of values ​​and therefore the overthrow of the foundations of life in its essence. Eclat de Gloire is a bell of values, a framework for the expression of the life of God for the deliverance, freedom, peace, unity, joy and socio-spiritual well-being of men. The Burst of Glory vision is an opportunity for the church. It accompanies the actors of the Christian Faith in evangelization, edification and praise through inter-ecclesiastical activities with a spiritual and civic impact on society. Let us serve God, knowing and respecting the sacred values ​​of the Christian faith, praise and Christian music,” shares Casimir Kouassi, promoter of Éclat de Gloire.

The list of winners

Awarded to practitioners of worship and Christian music who have an inspiring journey and testimony.

1 – His Eminence Apostle Paul Simplice | Cup of honor of the Landmark and builder of life in Christian music

2 – Pastor MONSIA Etienne | Honor Cup for Pioneer in Christian Music

3 – Past. and Ch. Marcel BOUNGOU | Model Honor Cup in Sacred Service and Musical Career

4 – Baba Dango | Honor Cup for Producer and Promoter of Traditionally Inspired Christian Music

5 – Pastor Hili Nestor LAKOUN | King David’s Cup of Honor for Reference in Praise and Christian Music

6 – Pastor Armand OUIDI | Cup of honor of the composition Cult hymn “You are everything to me”


Awarded to Cantors, singers and Christian musical operators who exercise their talent with respect for the sacred values ​​of praise and Christian music.

1 – Praise Groups of the CMA Nzuessy Church | Praise and Edification Sacred Service Cup
2 – United Methodist Liturgical Choir Jerusalem Yamoussoukro | Praise and Edification Sacred Service Cup
3 – United Cantors of Yamoussoukro | Praise and Formation Sacred Service Cup
4 – Cantors of the Eternal of the Baptist Missionary Discipleship Church | Praise and Edification Sacred Service Cup
5 – Maestro Philippe | Christian Music Evangelism and Upliftment Cup
6 – Timothée LEBENI | Cup of evangelism and edification through Christian music
7 – Cantor Deborah | Special cut of the cult hymn composition “Apossè”
8 – Chanter Meryl | “Asaph Retreat” Vision Cup
9 – Clara Blon | Special cut of the edification by the Christian music in language
10 – Mr. Michael Kouadjo | Entrepreneurship Cup in Christian Music
11 – Radio Elohim | Christian Music Media Promotion Cup

Awarded to authorities who exercise their function with respect for priestly values ​​in harmony with Christian and civic values; role models for younger generations.

1 – Mr Brou KOUAME | Regional prefect, prefect of the department of Yamoussoukro
2 – Mr. Jean-Noël LOUCOU | Secretary General of the Félix Houphouët Boigny Foundation
3 – Rev. Dr Noel NGUESSAN | President of the CMA CI Church, President of the Conference of Presidents of the FECI
4 – Bishop DJEZOU Koffi Konan Hervé | Vicar Delegate of the Diocese of Yamoussoukro
5 – Rev. Prophet Doctor DJEHA | Founding President of MIEDA
6 – Very Rev. GNAGNE Adou Francois | Superintendent of Yamoussoukro District

Several activities were held on the sidelines of this Awards ceremony. “Éclat de Gloire Enfant”, a time of praise and learning dedicated to children and parents. A “Shining of Glory Panel” on the sanctity of worship and Christian music. “Éclat de Chœur”, a humanitarian action in favor of the SOS village and the Biblical Institute of the Alliance of Yamoussoukro IBACY.

The 6th edition of Éclat de Gloire keeps all its promises in Yamoussoukro!