La Salle Mexico joins the Laudato Sí initiative | Today in La Salle

Learn about our objectives and actions aimed at an Integral Ecology.

La Salle México signed its incorporation to the Encyclical Laudato Si’, a seven-year itinerary towards Integral Ecology for the care of our common home. The University will develop a plan to execute this commitment, called by Pope Francis, which also refers to the eradication of poverty, care for the poor and equitable access to the planet’s resources.

In this way, the University will chart its own course through this itinerary with the assistance of the Laudato Si’ Platform for Action. Over the next year, he will bring together a group of teachers, students, administrators, staff, and neighbors to develop a single action plan, which will comprehensively and boldly advance each of the seven goals outlined in the letter:

Response to the cry of the earth: by equitably addressing the climate crisis, embracing renewable energy, neutralizing carbon emissions, protecting biodiversity, promoting sustainable agriculture and ensuring access to clean water for every living thing.

Response to the cry of the poor: from eco-justice; promotion of solidarity and improvement of social impact programs for vulnerable groups, native communities, refugees and children at risk.

ecological economy: by promoting sustainability in production and consumption, investing ethically, reducing the use of fossil fuels and encouraging the circular economy.

Adoption of sustainable lifestyles: by moderating the use of natural resources and energy; reduce waste generation, increase reuse and recycling; opt for a more vegetable diet and reduce meat consumption; use public transport or active mobility and avoid single-use items.

ecological education: by rethinking and redesigning curricular plans, guarantee equitable access to education for all people; promote human rights, encourage ecological leadership in students and teachers, and promote ecological restoration activities.

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ecological spirituality: by rediscovering the beauty of creation in all things, caring for our fellow men, ensuring spaces for reflection and community analysis, to connect our spirit with reality and our context.

Community engagement and participatory action: by empowering the community, responding resiliently to challenges, fostering rootedness and a sense of belonging in local communities and neighborhood ecosystems.

The university will report annually to the Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Human Development on its progress in Integral Ecology and will participate in communication with other universities about the itinerary.

Likewise, the International Association of La Salle Universities They have responded to the call and will contribute with educational programs and sustainable research projects with social impact, extending their collaboration with stakeholders, sectors of organizations and by transforming their campuses and the way of life in universities.

La Salle Mexico joins the Laudato Sí initiative | Today in La Salle