Sania Halifa: “I tell young people of my generation that anything is possible! »

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Her particular physique does not go unnoticed, but it is also her charisma that those who meet her remember her from the height of her 17 years. Discovered by director Nadir Ioulain where her vitality floods the screen 360° in the film “L’Adrénaline”, Sania Halifa lands the lead role in the feature film “Hawa” produced by Prime Video and broadcast since Friday, December 9. Spotted by a famous luxury brand, she embodies this new generation of confident actresses ready to receive success.

Sania Halifa: “I tell young people of my generation that anything is possible!  »

Salamnews: What reasons do you see for the positive regard placed on you?

Sania Halifa: It is certainly due to the education of my parents. They always raised me in the “I don’t care” from the eyes of others (laughs). This attitude has definitely helped me. Moreover, it is with this approach that I approach my cinematographic experience, especially since, in cinema, the gaze is central. Moreover, I have never seen albino actors in France. So when Nadir (Ioulain) offered me this very first experience (in ” The adrenaline “editor’s note), I said to myself ” why not “.

How did you meet this director?

Sania Halifa: By his wife! Because she was my English teacher when I was in 5th grade. I was 12 years old. One day she said to me: “I can see you in a magazine telling your life story. » It’s an incredible word that did me a lot of good. She often told me that she had confidence in my future, adding that I was going to accomplish great things. But since I was a kid, I said to myself in my heart: “But what is she talking about? » Me, I saw myself rather as a veterinarian but not at all to make the front page of any magazine or to engage in anything visual or even artistic. So yes, this prediction gave me extra self-confidence but without really believing it too much. Five years later, she contacts me explaining that her husband is a director and that she sees me in a role. So I took the plunge and I really liked it!

Do you maintain ties with your Indian Ocean island origins?

Sania Halifa: Yes ! I am of Comorian origin and Malagasy by my parents. I feel very attached to Malagasy culture because my parents spoke to me a lot in Malagasy. In general, I spend my holidays in Madagascar. But I visited the Comoros for the first time this year. My two grandmothers are Malagasy and my two grandfathers are Comorians and, in terms of customs, I feel closer to the Comoros because of the Muslim religion, especially since I spent the last Ramadan there.

How did you live the experience?

Sania Halifa: Wow! I experienced an incredible atmosphere. It drove me crazy! In the morning, you are awakened by the adhan of fajr. When the evening arrives, you know that you break your fast because there too, you hear the adhan. Even during the day, you capture a certain spirituality that I had not yet discovered in my previous experiences. When Eid arrives, all the islands of the Comoros celebrate the festival. It’s just too good!

What does the theme centered on bikelife with “L’Adrénaline” inspire in you? Have you encountered this phenomenon?

Sania Halifa: Personally, I grew up initially in Guyancourt (Yvelines). I spent my early childhood there until I was 7 years old before settling in Plaisir. There, I live in a residential area. Here, there is no question of motorcycles.

It’s quiet, isn’t it? (laughs)

Sania Halifa: It’s very very quiet! (laughs) But in my city, there is also a neighborhood called Valibout. Over there, I know that motorcycling is very popular. I have also lost a friend because of the motorcycle. I know this practice amuses people and I don’t think they will stop because it is one of the only ways they have to entertain themselves. It’s sad, I admit it. But on the other hand, I understand them. Because motorcycling is also adrenaline! It creates sensations and that is what is sought. Yet this is something we need to be careful of. I’m 17 and I know that young people my age don’t think about death when they get on a motorcycle. As a result, Nadir Ioulain’s film made me very aware.

And you, what is your adrenaline, your “kiffance”?

Sania Halifa: I haven’t found it yet! But I believe it is on the road to the cinema. Frankly, I liked it a lot! It really pissed me off! My first cinematic and VR experience! Certainly, we see an image on the screen but when we discover behind the scenes, it’s simply incredible. Yes, I think it is the cinema. But afterwards, I tell myself that I still have time to find.

Sania Halifa: “I tell young people of my generation that anything is possible!  »

Speaking of cinema, do you have any favorite films or series?

Sania Halifa: At the moment, I watch a lot of romantic comedies. I find it pathetic and grotesque but that’s what really digs me! I also like movies that make you think. My dad made me watch a lot of movies like that that make your head hurt but that I personally would like to shoot. (…) For example, the series broadcast by Netflix, In their gaze, which shows five teenagers accused of raping a woman because they were black, in the wrong place and at the wrong time. This type of scenario drawn from a true story, which inspires indignation, is close to my heart and must exist. It’s too important!

On the other hand, the films that I don’t like to watch but would really like to shoot are horror films. Since I set foot on a set, I tell myself that this thing is a scam! (laughs) (…) But it seriously obsesses me in terms of performance.

How do you live the events?

Sania Halifa: Frankly, I saw it as banally as possible. I pass my baccalaureate, I always come home before 9 p.m. Despite everything that is happening in my professional life, my personal life has not changed. In fact, apart from my family, I don’t talk about my professional projects among my friends, there are only three or four friends who know about it. I don’t want to blur things out. I fear that my friends’ view of me will change. In itself, it’s not even the fear of losing people but it’s that, for the moment, I’m good in my life.

You want to stay in your comfort zone!

Sania Halifa: It’s exactly that ! Personal and professional. But it’s going really well so far. And to those I spoke to, it was because I knew they were super caring people towards me. And frankly, they do not care a bit!

From the height of your 17 years, how would you describe your career? Did you encounter any particular facilities or constraints?

Sania Halifa: I was not discriminated against, I had an easy childhood unlike other albinos that I have met and to whom they sometimes hide in school toilets to hide from the gaze of others. The few difficulties I had were due to something quite different, more classic things: being a woman, a black family…

How do you come out of these 50 days of filming for Hawa?

Sania Halifa: With an even greater thirst for cinema!

Appetite comes with eating !

Sania Halifa: Yes, there I tasted and it was too good! I really thank Nadir for introducing me to cinema. After the shooting of The adrenaline, I have been approached several times by different people to shoot in a new feature film. Each time, I refused. Then when I made up my mind and went all out, I realized that it’s too good!

Do you have a message for readers of your generation?

Sania Halifa: Frankly, a few months ago, I would never have heard myself say this but I tell them: anything is possible! However, I will never neglect studies. Cinema is good, but I don’t know what will happen in a few years or even in a few months. Despite everything, the cinema is still too abstract for me to project myself into it, while school remains a safe bet. With long studies, one inevitably goes far.

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Born in 2005 to mixed-race parents in Le Chesnay, Sania Halifa made her life in the Yvelines, to which she affirms her attachment. She retains a particular affection for the town of Saint-Quentin where her maternal grandfather, called ” Dean “. His house was the obligatory meeting place of the whole family. She believes she had a childhood ” peaceful “ even if she points out laughingly that she is not out of phase yet. She also points out that she had no particular concerns in relation to her albinism.

After The adrenaline in June 2021, she obtains the main role in Hawaii, directed by Maïmouna Doucouré. We follow in the footsteps of a teenager who, faced with the illness of her grandmother with whom she lives, fears being placed in a home by social services. She then develops a plan to try to be adopted by one of the most powerful women in the world… Many cinematographic projects water this beautiful seed made for the 7th art.

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Sania Halifa: “I tell young people of my generation that anything is possible! »