Can we claim the generation of a single pope?

Since the death of Benedict XVI, a generation of Catholics has made itself particularly heard. These are the thirties and forties, expressing their attachment to the late pope, who will have marked the young people of his pontificate by his gentleness, his brilliant writings and his spirituality anchored in Christ as a Person. But what … Read more

Sania Halifa: “I tell young people of my generation that anything is possible! »

In partnership with Salamnews Her particular physique does not go unnoticed, but it is also her charisma that those who meet her remember her from the height of her 17 years. Discovered by director Nadir Ioulain where her vitality floods the screen 360° in the film “L’Adrénaline”, Sania Halifa lands the lead role in the … Read more

Free newspaper for the next generation of December 17, 2022: “Hypersensitivity, intelligence and spirituality”

COURTESY RADIO CONTESTOFFICIAL RULES 1. NO-PURCHASE CONTEST. 2. Gift.The RADIO COURTESY contest (hereinafter “the contest”) is a game in which each winner will receive one (1) free six (6) month subscription to the “Valeurs Actuelles” magazine. Each day, a question will be asked during the morning “Ligne Droite”, the first ten (10) people to answer … Read more

A conversation with Jamie Flatters and Bailey Bass about the new generation of Na’vi in ​​Avatar: The Way of Water

One of the most important elements of Avatar: The Path of Water It has to do with the generational aspect of your story. As the sequel is set over a decade after the events of the first film, Jake Sully’s family is inevitably installed as one of the key components, featuring the offspring of the … Read more

Thesis on ’95 Theses for the new generation’, by Lucas Magnin

Lucas, with a language full of metaphors, paradigms, quotes, born from reflection, invites us to join the guerrilla revolutionaries of spirituality. A peaceful guerrilla that is adding men and women with restless minds every day, who are not satisfied with repeating ideas without first going through the sieve of Scripture: authentic Bereans of the 21st … Read more

Avatar returns to theaters to revive the franchise for a new generation

Avatar the first movie in the universe created by James Cameron, will return to theaters in September. The reissue, which will partly pave the way for the long-awaited sequel to the film. Avatar: The Meaning of Water is more than an advertising strategy. It’s a reunion of the public with one of the most popular … Read more

‘Avatar’ returns to theaters to revive the franchise for a new generation

Avatar, the first film in the universe created by James Cameron, will return to theaters in September. The revival, which in some way will prepare the ground for its long-awaited sequel Avatar: The Water SenseIt is more than just an advertising strategy. It is a reunion of the audience with one of the most popular … Read more

Generation Silver: the other face of labor inclusion

The generation born between 1945 and 1964, commonly known as Baby Boomers but also labeled Generation Silver or simply Seniors, it is gradually becoming the focus of attention in inclusive contexts. Let’s see what the reasons are. “Now I want to enjoy”, “I feel full”, “I am spending time doing what I like”, “I spend … Read more

The European Youth Pilgrimage, a “clear” test for the papal delegate of a generation “that does not resign”

Cardinal Augusto dos Santos Marto avoids confirming a possible visit by Pope Francis to Santiago de Compostela on the occasion of the Jacobean Year Cardinal António Augusto dos Santos Marto, Pope Francis’s special envoy for the European Youth Pilgrimage 2022, considers these days a “clear signal” that there is a new generation that “brings restlessness” … Read more