Mariano Alameda, twenty years later: the new life of one of the protagonists of ‘Al salir de clase’

If there is a star character in the universe of ‘Al Salir de Clase’, which these days celebrates the 20th anniversary of the end of the series, that is Íñigo. The handsome man from “Siete Robles” remained in the cast of the youth soap opera for more than 600 episodes and his image lined the folders of hundreds of teenagers from all over Spain. Fame took its toll on the actor who played him, Mariano Alameda, who, overwhelmed by popularity decided to step away from acting and now makes a living as a yoga and meditation teacher.

This is how some of the actors who became known in 'Al salir de clase' have changed (Nuria Marín)

The success continued after “Al Salir de Clase”

Mariano Alameda starred in 'La Verdad de Laura' and 'Aquí no hay quien viva'

After leaving ‘ASDC’, Alameda continued in the profession (he had enormous success with the desktop soap opera ‘La Verdad de Laura’ or with the character of Mauri’s boyfriend in ‘Aquí no hay quien viva’) but that life was not for him: “You realize realize that anonymity is a pleasure, that when you lose it, you miss it. The pressure of being looked at in every situation is hard and I didn’t take it well”, he told ‘El Español’ a year ago. That is why Alameda, who is now 50 years old, decided to reinvent herself and open a yoga center. And, to be honest, she’s not doing badly at all…

Yesterday and today by Mariano Alameda

“I was a kid from the neighborhood, who liked to play basketball, but suddenly it was on TV… Who of all those was I? That made me start to reflect a lot on what is the self, identity and how is the projection that others have of yourself. And that led me to search, to yoga, to meditation, to Zen, to travel”, explains the actor, who prefers to define himself as “preacher of perennial wisdom: I am like Mercury, between the Sun and the Earth. I transmit the sacred knowledge” prepairs a summer retreat in a spa in Zamora.

No appearances since 2009

Alameda’s last appearance on the small screen was in 2009, in the New Year’s Eve special directed by José Mota in 2009 and, despite the fact that he has been anonymous for almost 15 years, he does not rule out going back on camera “if the project were cool and I could combine it with my yoga center and my projects”. “It took me years to get rid of Íñigo and feel the pleasure of anonymity, I have not wanted to go to programs like what happened to…? and I have given very few interviews since I left him, ”he declared last June.

mam intimate

The distance with the television sets has not translated into a break with the actors with whom he shared fame. He is a close friend of Miguel Ángel Muñoz and maintains some contact with other performers with whom he shared a set: “Actors are super fun people, what I hated was going to parties and letting myself be seen.”

happy anonymity

Mariano Alameda during a conference

Despite the fact that they continue to recognize him on the street, Mariano assures that he is no longer overwhelmed by the popularity he once had “it’s another age, you no longer provoke the same things, the same reactions in people”. In fact, he is relieved that at the last Madrid Book Fair he was signing copies of a volume that he has written on children’s yoga, ‘The Teachings of the Zen Dog’, and everyone who came by was interested in his work and not because of it. his past.

Mariano Alameda, twenty years later: the new life of one of the protagonists of ‘Al salir de clase’