Here are the trends that will dominate our living rooms in 2023

And Westwing to add: “Olive green comes out in unexpected objects, like a sofa or a pouf, as well as in minimalist-style vases and even wallpapers. As with brown and all its shades, colors that bring us back to nature will triumph, mixed with raw materials like wood. »

“The year 2023 is characterized by colors deep. We are moving away from bright and pastel colors to make way for shades with personality, which, combined with brighter colors, will bring life to the home. Furniture in dark finishes, such as walnut, will also take center stage, combined with metallic finishes, which will provide an industrial touch.”, says Kave Home. And it’s true: painting the living room in dark colors is a growing trend.

After the second-hand boom – which is pushing even major international brands like Zara and H&M to launch resale initiatives, as IKEA itself is doing with its furniture – it is not surprising that, as underlined Manuel Delgado, the taste for vintage is also reborn in the world of interior decoration.

Sure, this is a trend long embraced by top designers, but more than likely it’s becoming a global favourite. This is what Studio Akademos did, for example, in one of its latest projects: a Parisian house with a retro atmosphere where the good use of color blocks and the judicious choice of materials and decorations stand out. decorative objects from another time.

Art of living, classic pieces and retro atmosphere: this house will take you back in time (and you won’t want to go back). More photos here.

Francois Coquerel

The madness of curves

The Bold trend is not ready to give up its reign, quite the contrary: “The rounded silhouettes will be the absolute protagonists of the year 2023. We will find them in interior and exterior furnishings as well as in decoration. These organic shapes bring calm, tranquility and additional comfort.”believes Kave Home.

Same prediction from IKEA: “Curved and organic shapes will be very fashionable to create a link with nature and create welcoming spaces. In this area, there will be two directions: for minimalists, rounded silhouettes will bring calm and harmony. For maximalists, curves will be synonymous with character and personality, as they give a sense of movement and dynamism, while creating more friendly, feminine, delicate and ergonomic environments. »

If the vintage trend rhymes with audacity, we find it in its most maximalist and arty side at the founder of LA Studio in Madrid. Her living room has a dining table and sofas designed by her own agency; a 1960s mirror lamp, bought at the flea market; a chair Standard of Jean Prouve for Vitra; cushions produced by Rug Company and purchased from Bsb, and finally a work entitled Arcano by Jaume Plensa.

Here are the trends that will dominate our living rooms in 2023